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Well MFC yet another Article here but one previous article I had read here (mfc link) and there was one other I think I saw about background...but Deciding to check on what backgrounds I could use to further improve regular figure shots around here and play around with settings.

I'm using a Canon Powershot Pro 1 just so you'll know what camera I'm using.

Today I had gotten some black foam board in mail -it was backing for the art print I received today and I decided to work with it to see if it has potential as a background-

I was using some of the lower exposure settings on the Canon Powershot Pro 1 and they produced a darker image. I was actually pleased with how they came out.

Samus was the first figure I tested this out on since she looked perfect for this and I am pleased with the result. There are more photos on the Wordpress Blog for some more testing but I'd figure I'd put this here on MFC so the fellow photographers here on the board can offer some advice.

My Continued goal is to improve my photography, however with limited funds and a lack of an ability to get out to go and get photography supplies and things like that I have to make due with what I have.

Only problem is I don't want my photos to look like every other photo out there, using a standard background seems like it feels like it's not mine or something -I'm so used to having an art print in the background sorta acts like a watermark I think-

But My goal at this point is to get better but I still need critiques or some input from a community like MFC.

I've got a good many figures on order for this year and would like too by the time those start to come out improve the setup and quality of those photos[My Current Starship Legends Reviews have drawn attention due to the photo quality being excellent apparently so I need to work more to better my photos if I can]

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04 years ago (4 years ago)kemandokemando
It's better if the seam between the 2 boards isn't so obvious, I have a setup in which a piece of construction paper appears to be flowing from the ground into the background without any visible break, because I just have it going up without folding a crease, it gives the photos a better look, but if you're just doing from the waste up, this should be fine.

Example picture for my setup:

(Note picture taken on iPhone, not amazing quality)

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04 years ago (4 years ago)amehybridamehybrid
You don't really need much. See [ext link ] how he lights up a bottle and a glass. I bet you have a lot of cardboard from all those SAL Parcel boxes :)

As for the background, any t-shirt would do. See picture #612529 . If you know square law and capitalize on light fall off then you can get the background black regardless of what's in it. If you have a flash or spare point and shoot flash you could light up the background very bright to turn it white while your main camera is exposing.

P.S. The best thing a point and shoot could do for figure photography is too find that long exposure setting where you can dictate how long the shutter opens. It is also known as slow shutter speed. Mount your camera on a tripod then click the shutter. While the shutter is open you can emulate multiple light sources with a single source. Watch this [ext link ].
04 years agoTyjosAzariTyjosAzari
Right now I'm just testing things out since I really would love to see just what I can do with this camera.

I've been using the same setup for photos for a while and I want to make my figures stand out a bit more at times but mainly I'm just wanting to explore more of my camera's functions and to see what shots I can make with this.

Don't know why I feel the need to improve things...but probably a good thing to improve things around here just have used the same background for a long time and with a darker background can probably make things look better.
04 years agoRudraRudra
What result do you wish to achieve? A seamless black background? You shouldn't use direct flash as it leaves a harsh shadow, it's better if you use a diffuser to soften the light.
(mfc link)
I light those nendoroid with trace paper covered monitor and diffused led flash light, flash and room lamp turned off. Not a perfect example though XD

Have you joined this group club #75 ? There are some tutorials there to achieve a product photography type of picture.
04 years agoTyjosAzariTyjosAzari
Good thing the Powershot Pro 1 is a good camera [one that cost $995 when it came out and I got it for free from my uncle] so right now i've had this camera for about 2 years now probably?] Yeah the fstop is what my uncle setup to a setting of 3 I think.

and the shutter speed not sure....

[ext link ]

[ext link ]

I think I've got the best camera for now in terms of the fact it's one that I got from someone else and compared to what is out there that's in my price range which isn't that much I'm better off sticking with this one.

I'll look into a light source soon.
04 years ago (4 years ago)MetrogenicMetrogenic
One thing I'd recommend doing is investing in one or more light sources so you don't get the shadow on the background. Only use the flash on that camera if you absolutely have to. Just a desk lamp would do (especially if you can find one with a clamp), but make sure to match the color temperature of the bulb to whatever else you have in your room. Like you said, there's only so much you can do with a cheaper camera, but you should still be able to get some decent results. I'd guess you can mess with shutter speed, exposure (f-stop), and ISO at the very least, so mess around a bit with those settings and you should be able to get deeper blacks and more pop from the figure. The more you mess with it, the better you'll get, so persevere and you'll be taking some sweet shots even with an entry-level camera. Also, after checking the specs on your camera, it seems you can shoot in RAW. Do that every time and you can find some photo manipulation software where you can fix any problems with a shot without degrading image quality. Good luck!



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