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G'day MFC. Long time no see lol.

So I went on a bloody huge shopping spree this week.

I now collect anything I like. I pre-ordered half a year's worth of figures from all sorts of lines. Nendoroid Petit, Play Arts Kai, Sky Tube etc.

Now, I can afford one expensive scale or 2 action figures a month due to being able to get more money somehow.

I want to see how everyone else spends money on their figures.

Do you have a budget? How many figures can you afford every month/ year or whatever? How many do you buy each month? Do you struggle with your budgets?

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03 years agowayward-windwayward-wind
Right now I set my budget for figures + goods at $200 max (this includes shipping costs)
04 years agoLeo22334455Leo22334455
I dont work so I usually live off recycling my money by selling off figures and cosplay stuff, (money first comes from chinese new years and various birthdays and special events). So I buy maybe 1-3 figures every month if I average it out?

Though I tend to buy more prize figures than scales which is why i can actually buy 2-3 figures XD
04 years ago (4 years ago)YukariSekaiYukariSekai 愛書と漫画ファン
With my salary I can afford to 8-9 figures per month. But then I'm just going to suck his paw (like a bear ^^). Therefore, I allocate their money wisely. Because in addition to the figures, and you want to dress up, go out, go to movies, etc.
So my limit per month - it 2-3 figures, sometimes even one.
04 years agoghirahimghirahim Needs more Kyouko
From now until June, I'm keeping my purchasing down to $150 a month (if that). Mostly because I really need to start saving seriously if I want to get to Japan at the end of the year. I've also decided to stop preordering figures unless they're exclusive, or a character/figure that is really special. Hopefully my plan should work ^__^
04 years agosimakaisimakai
I usually pay 100$ to 300$ per month on pre-orders. And when it's only 100$, I tend to spend some on pre-owned or clearance figures... even tho I don't have lots of money, I just can't stop myself! ^^; But I pay my bills and I eat correctly every month and I can pay for my other hobbies too, so I guess my budget is as balanced as it could be...
04 years agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
that's a trick question... I don't know... last year I was kind braveon my budget... but 2013 will be different so I decided one limit... for me it will be 1 scaled (or 2 depends on prices) 1 figma + 1 nendos! (or 2 figmas or 2 nendos) and 3 prizes! and thats All!
04 years agomaraiatorimaraiatori
Well right now I only have 2 preordered for April/May. I basically preorder or just order things that interest me.
But when preordering, I add the item to my "ordered" list on MFC and wait until the end of the month to decide whether I should actually order it or not (usually to avoid any impulse-orders). It helps a lot. I also think about the price and whether or not it would be a logical buy.
04 years agoMugenTenshinFRDMugenTenshinFRD
A lot of times I'm on a budget and I can't really buy what I want, which is annoying sometimes, but I also don't want to lend money.
Usually per month I get like 2 figures on average, but there are also months where I don't get anything or months where I get a lot. I usually pass on pre-orders, because I'm pretty sure I have to pay fees over it and the chances are big I will find the figures cheaper anywhere else after release.
Another reason I'm on a budget is that I also need to spend lots of money sometimes on other stuff or other hobbies of mine. I'm struggling sometimes when I want to buy something expensive, but my budget won't allow it. I will also try to save money at first if I plan to buy something really expensive in the upcoming time.
04 years agocatvillage66catvillage66
Well for me my max is one figure a month and I try to keep it under $120. I do make exceptions sometimes of course, if it's a special occasion or maybe an exclusive run. I don't like to spend money though so I always try to limit myself.
04 years ago (4 years ago)kemandokemando
Well, I went on a binge over the last year buying up all the figures I missed before I collected (This includes expensive and rare figures like item #4329, item #30661, and item #14082) and I have since been cutting back a bit, where before I was spending roughly 800 dollars a month (I had just acquired 10,000 dollars) for the time being I'm only ordering 3-4 figures a month... Though I'm not sure when ALTER's going to blow their load of delayed figures on my face and clean my wallet. lol

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