iNippon-Yasan trouble?n/a

I ordered these two from Nippon-Yasan: [ext link ]

I still haven't received a shipping notification and I paid for it like a week ago. Does anyone know what's up?
HobbyLink Japan hasn't shipped my orders either and I paid for that several days ago. :/

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03 years agoscorpiomilo12scorpiomilo12
I got an S.H Figuarts Kamen Rider Knight Survive from them but CHOOSE FEDEX SHIPPING, THAT'S THE BEST SHIPPING OPTION CAUSE IT DOESN'T TAKE TOO LONG, AND EMS ONLY TAKES TWO WEEKS AND AIRMAIL TAKES POSSIBLY 1-2 WEEKS. Also they don't respond during the weekends as they are closed on those days like HLJ.
33 years agosankarisankari
I've been waiting for an order that hasn't moved since april 5th, the post office here confirmed it was lost, I asked them for help, and they said they wouldn't do anything. So another order got lost , confirmed this week, I tried communicating with them, but they said they had no responsibility , and it was just the post office. Well, I sent several emails and messages, but they kept telling me to wait 6 months. If I waited 6 months I`d lose my legal protection from paypal, like I lost my first item ( Figma Guts Berserker Armor) , so I opened a dispute for Figma Kirito to see if they would help out. They instantly closed my account and cancelled all my pre-orders. I still had 24 pre-orders with them. They tried blackmailing me , saying I could only get my account back if I gave up on the paypal dispute.
04 years agoxanxasxanxas
XD we are both waiting for the same things lol I paid at the same time as you, I am hoping they have shipped are SAO figs just not sent us a shipping email
04 years agoFauxtoolFauxtool
my project diva ps vita was over a month late. They were not answering any emails until I disputed the payment. Just dont buy from them if you dont have to
04 years agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
I havw just one P.O there is nice knowing they are slow! but I can tell you that they are a nice store! it's trustable!
04 years agoJofuuJofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
they take an insanely long time to reply to emails, if at all. try their Facebook page if you can. they're prone to reply to that quicker than emails.
04 years agoSiCKn3ssSiCKn3ss
Indeed Nippon-Yasan is incredibly slow, took a week and a half to get my order shipped out.
04 years agoRisaylaRisayla ◔‸◔
All I know is apparently they are very slow, but don't worry as you'll still get your package.. eventually. I'll find out in March. OTL
04 years agoKalissiahKalissiah Collecting since March ...
Nippon-Yasan is very slow. When they take too long to ship my figure, I send them a message via the comments section. Usually they reply pretty quickly (sometimes very slow...) and they ship the item out the next day. Really frustrating sometimes :(.
04 years agoBlitzAceBlitzAce
For Nippon Yasan, go to your item's order page and ask them what's up in the comments section. I emailed them about the status of my order after not having not shipped it two weeks after I paid and they didn't reply. I sent a message via the comments section of the item and they shipped out my item the next day.

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