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I've had a couple of blogs in the works for awhile and all the interesting things I've wanted to cover are all waiting for one little piece to arrive. The last thing I wrote was pretty depressing but tonight I've been struck by the urge to write about something a little strange and out of the blue: Dezaskin.

You see, I just pimped out my 3DS.

Now, one blog I had in the works is a huge overview of all my Etrian Odyssey goods. That's still going to happen, but this turn of events was too pressing to wait. Etrian Odyssey 4 just came out and being the huggest EO fangirl I've been spazzing out over it. I've been spazzing out since it was announced in Japan actually. I swore I would only purchase a 3DS when an Etrian Odyssey was released. Well, I picked up my copy of EO4 on Wednesday and along with it purchased a pretty and shiny blue 3DS. Now, since I had been freaking out over this game since it was announced I've been stalking all the goods released for it and before I even had a 3DS I had bought a body sticker for it.

Pretty much Dezaskin makes stickers that you place on your 3DS to make it all pretty. I had never heard much about these prior to seeing them on Amiami and was pretty worried about the quality, that they might leave sticky residue, ect. I've never seen a review for something like this so I thought maybe sharing my DS would help give people an idea what these are since I admit I was totally clueless when I slapped 30$ down for one.

There were four to choose from for Etrian Odyssey 4-

A boring one I didn't like.
[ext link ]

A gorgeous one I didn't choose because it had a plot character on it and didn't want to pick it just in case I hated her when I played the game.
[ext link ]

A nice one I almost chose.
[ext link ]

And the one I did choose!
[ext link ]

Let's look at pictures, shall we?

The stickers are very smooth and do not leave any residue. They can even be peeled on and off if you apply it wrong. I'm not sure if this will be possible after a long amount of time if the 3DS dies but it could work. They fit the size very well but I suspect the corners may crease with time. The front image looks nice but I'm not fond of any of the characters featured.

It can be opened and closed without problem since the stickers don't interfere with that.

The inside looks really sweet with Nightseeker and Runemaster on the sides. The stickers actually come complete and you poke out the holes for the screens and buttons yourself (it's designed so those parts pop right out when poked).

The images are clean and high quality and look great. I chose this skin because it would have my Nightseeker Cherry (my Dark Hunter from EO 1+2 all grown up) and my Runemaster Ursula. I get strangely attached to my Etrian Odyssey parties and love roleplaying them. I like these games since they leave a lot blank for the imagination :>

One big issue with this skin though is that it doesn't leave much space for finger pad thing. If you play games that use that a lot then this skin is a bad idea. Luckily, I don't think any games I plan on owning use this a lot.

Another shot of the bottom.

And here's a bonus! My DSLite with FOE carrier my gf made me for my birthday!

I say these skins look really nice and they were far higher quality than I expected so I'm happy. Now my 3DS is all glamourous and ready to play even more Etrian Odyssey!

Though I have to minus a point from their score for the fact that this product includes a special game code not compatible with the North American version of the game. I was sad.

And if anyone here is also playing feel free to chat with me about EO, trade game codes with me, or even join the club on here club #420.

Happy collecting everyone! Watch out for FOEs...

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04 years agopiratepapillonpiratepapillon
Akira (4 years ago) #1394740It looks really pretty~ Is that weird orange face a reference from the game too? Because If that the case, that would explain a lot of japanese gags I saw on internet, lol
It is. In Etrian Odyssey there are really powerful monsters called FOE that roam about on the maps and are very dangerous to encounter. It changed in the fourth games but in the previous ones they were seen as fuzzy energy balls in the labyrinth and you only see what monster it is when you encounter it in battle (the balls are normally orange, but they also come in red, yellow, blue, pink, and black variety depending on type). Avoiding these was such a big thing in the game that it inspired an IOSYS video [ext link ] and after that the joke leaked outside the Etrian Odyssey community.
04 years agoAkiraAkira
It looks really pretty~ Is that weird orange face a reference from the game too? Because If that the case, that would explain a lot of japanese gags I saw on internet, lol
04 years agoYuanMoriYuanMori Fluffy gumiho
kngu (4 years ago) #1393039Looks nice! If you ever decide to remove it, will it leave any marks/residue?
I'd consider getting one for my XL if there were a Fire Emblem Awakening one.

this type of vinyl skin is known for leaving no residue whatsoever! :) You can custom make them at sites like Gelaskins too.
04 years agoYuanMoriYuanMori Fluffy gumiho
I almost got one of the official ones. I'm about to retire my current skin and I think I will make a new Etrian Odyssey themed Gelaskin once I have the funds. :) They're always great!
04 years agoRolanMcDolanRolanMcDolan
I pimped my 3DS in a slightly different way - I ended up designing an Ika-Musume pattern and commissioning a vinyl-cutter to make it into cut vinyl.

[ext link ]

Yours looks really clear and nicely-made overall. I don't think I could personally use it, but that's probably my desire to hide my powerlevel speaking. That F.O.E. case is absolutely adorable, too.
04 years agokngukngu
Looks nice! If you ever decide to remove it, will it leave any marks/residue?
I'd consider getting one for my XL if there were a Fire Emblem Awakening one.
04 years ago (4 years ago)R_KasaharaR_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
I think I need to get a Dezaskin now! Have some similar protectors on my Lites (just plain clear ones, tho'), but haven't seriously looked for anything like that yet for my new 3DS XL. Time to browse the shops...
04 years agoFattyBucha1080FattyBucha1080
Awesome Dezaskin of Etrian Odyssey I love how the color of the system meshes really well with dezaskin, I have a 3ds XL dezaskin of Black Rock Shooter (don't know if I should show it)
Sucks that I probably won't get my copy of Etrian Odyssey IV till Tuesday or Wednesday.
04 years agoMilksMilks
Ooooh, that Dezaskin looks amazing, especially with your blue 3DS. Super pretty :3

I have a Dezaskin on my PSP, and the only thing I didn't like about it was how hard it was to put the skin on perfectly :'D Plus, you have to puncture out holes for the buttons, and that was a pain...or maybe I'm stupid when it comes to things like that.

Anyhoo, I'm completely loving that Dezaskin (Even though I know nothing about Etrian Odyssey)! And that DS Lite carrier is so cute <w>



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