Funny Story or Am I too Old for this?

I was at Genericon last Saturday and Sunday. It's a very nice small-mid sized convention. Anyway, while I was waiting for my friends to make an appearance I walked over to look at the vendors. I checked out some stuff, just killing time, until I found 3 or 4 tables worth of anime DVDs and boxed sets. I managed to strike up a conversation with the vendor, talking about different series and what not. Now, at this point I should tell you that I am 24 years old and about 5' 5".
I utter: "Do you have the Higurashi (When They Cry) boxed set?"
The man explained that he did not have it and then asked someone next to me if they had any questions. "Oh I was going to ask the same thing!" "Could this be?" I thought. Have I found another kindred spirit with whom I could share my love for Higurashi with?! I look over and see nothing. Where'd they go? Then I realize and look down to see a young girl around 11 or 12 standing there.

Wait... WHAT?! At this point, there are too many questions popping up in my head and I am confused as all heck, like remeber when your teacher tried to explain that "Y" is both a vowel and a consonant? Woah woah woah, you mean to tell me it just chooses what it wants to be?!

So now I'm standing here, next to a girl looking really confused, I need to think quick and strike up a converstation with my newly found young Higurashi friend, umm... umm...

"Hey, did you know Y is both a consonant AND a vowel?!"

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    I started going to anime conventions ALONE when I was 12 so I think its normal...and theres really no age limit to like horror XD
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    LeosachRGBlv42 Born this way
    LOL been there bro! funny story! LOL
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    Well I watched some pretty violent stuff when I was 12, and I'm not traumatized now. xD Hell I was playing Unreal Tournament at the age of 10!

    But still Higurashi at 11 is a bit extreme. xD But I think if she can handle it, I'm not judging! Also she might look young and be much older, who knows?
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    PJMRK (4 years ago) #1399668^_^; I think we may be reading a bit too much into this.

    Oh yeah, I wasn't talking about the Higurashi girl anymore. I was just continuing aeonblue's idea about kids nowadays... :P
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    bomhatRGBlv18 because I'm batman
    haha I was actually 12 when I got into Higurashi.
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    I had this experience a few months back with a little girl I saw in a restaurant.
    I've seen enough "Brony" shirts on high school/college guys that it doesn't faze me much anymore, even in my small town. But the one time I saw a little 10 year old girl in a restaurant wearing a brony shirt, something in my mind was like "WAIT WAIT WAIT".
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    BlueMondayRGBlv18 Baton-bu desu.
    Raithos (4 years ago) #1399337I would love to meet a mini Otaku, lol

    There was a mini Madoka cosplayer when I went to see the first two movies.. Kind of makes it doubly sad that the DVDs wound up so expensive here. ^_~
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    I was really young when I started watching many different types of anime. It's great to hear that there IS a younger generation! When I was 12 there was an older girl who would recommend anime to us and show us the anime lifestyle ! It was great having someone older take care of us like that =)
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    Plume (4 years ago) #1398631The generations that came after us are very... aware of their sexuality, let's say. The things that my friend's little sister and her classmates do TODAY would've shaken the very foundations of our little society, had WE been the ones doing them back when we were their age. I guess it's got a lot to do with the internet and americanization: nowadays being a virgin at 13 is just "sad" :)).

    ^_^; I think we may be reading a bit too much into this.
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    Raithos (4 years ago) #1399337I would love to meet a mini Otaku, lol

    There where quite a few youngsters there, one girl was dressed as Dawn from Pokemon and she was absolutely adorable.
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