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Lots of discussions happening lately! So how about one about more odder collections?

We all collect figures and artbooks, trading straps and plushies...but have you ever thought you were one of the few whoever collected a certain something? Doesn't have to be anime related either.

Mine is decks of cards. I love anime artwork, I collect artbooks, and decks of cards are like mini 52 page artbooks to me. I have 6 official Sailor Moon decks (+ 20 unofficial ones) and 4 new decks from GE (Freezing, Ouran, Rosario, and Sacred Blacksmith). I have plans to get Black Butler and Code Geass. I've just never met anyone else who actively collects decks of cards. I'm sure there are though, I'd love to know!

What about you guys? Do any of you collect something you might think is odd that you might not think anyone else collects? You might find out you're not the only one!

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04 years agoHeido-kunHeido-kun
I collect keychains and i've always wanted to collect swords but it's illegal to transport them to Doha :'(
04 years agopogie143pogie143
I collect Final Fantasy cards from the Final Fantasy VIII triad cards and visuals, Final Fantasy art musuem cards including specials and promos, Final Fantasy special edition cards, Final Fantasy VII and VIII carddass and vending machine cards and also Final Fantasy e - graphics cards.

I also collect Final Fantasy anniversary plates, framed phone cards and such.

Just recently purchased a FF VII VIII coca cola bottle lol (^.^)
04 years agoSoliloquySoliloquy Bang Bang
I collect strange colored and patterned jeans, I mean I wear them but I have enough to constitute a collection haha
04 years agomintbunnymintbunny The Geeky Bunny
Texanon (4 years ago) #1401352I collect tacky nail polish and pictures of Clouds. I used to collect Super balls too but I kind of lost track of most of them and I'm a but old for Quarter machines now.

You're never too old.
04 years agoTexanonTexanon
I collect tacky nail polish and pictures of Clouds. I used to collect Super balls too but I kind of lost track of most of them and I'm a but old for Quarter machines now.
04 years agoueggg98ueggg98
I collect Pullip and other fashion dolls... Not really that weird, but it is a little strange for a 15 year old to still buy Barbie dolls often! owo
04 years agoAkiraAkira
Cute shapped erasers C: I used to collect some weird stuff when I was little, and though I don't collect them anymore, I still keep them somewhere in my room XD
04 years agoMaryMary
I collect perfume bottles, keys, and boxes...

And I suppose you might say I collect jewelry. I dunno. I just like jewelry o.e
04 years agomolligesghostmolligesghost
I collect stickers that I think are cute,
sometimes (once in a blue moon) I might
actually use a set of the stickers I collect.

But that is often very rare. I like keeping
them in little sleeve albums!
04 years agoLexiyLexiy The WCF Aficionado
I collect games from series I like such as Donkey Kong (only the vintage ones), Castlevania (almost all), KOEI DW and SW, and more.
I also have this tendency of "collect gold". I usually melt jewerly given to me or passed by inheritance or that I buy. So far I think I have enough melted gold (and molded in to a cube of about 2 inch wide x 2 inch high by 4 inch deep) that is worth around US$30,000. I was thinking on selling it as straight up gold but not sure if I should continue to melt it and purify it and add more "jewelry to it". Either way as soon as I see it hits the $50k I sell it LOL. I have been melting and putifying it since 5 1/2 years ago, so it's been quite a while.

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