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So I finally finished up my business with fromjapan...

It was three figures. Mei item #107499 , Chise item #1465 and Hanekawa item #41761 .
I had originally planned to fit two together in SAL-R and the third one alone in the same method.

Then I learned that fromjapan only combines items in SAL-R that added together don't go over 6,000 Yen.
Which is a rip off really, seeing they will write a lower value on their packages when shipping them. Just an excuse so you'll have to use two boxes and squeeze more money out of you.

Their quota calculator had shown it'd cost around 600-900 yen to mail Chise.

Their actual numbers winded up as 1905 yen. And it was pretty much like that with all three figures. Only that Chise had the smaller numbers.

But okay, shipping separately through an over priced SAL-R is okay. It's not THAT expensive. I would bite the bullet.
But then I realized:

Because of their 6000 yen maximum "policy" for SAL-R they wouldn't let me mail Hanekawa through SAL.
The cheapest option they are showing me is EMS. Quota calculator, around 2,500 it said.

"Would you like to keep the domestic delivery package, or throw it all away for an extra free for lighter packaging? You can only choose before we tell you the value, else we'll charge you 2,000 extra yen."

Quota calculator had already given me an estimate, right? It couldn't differ that much. Correct? Regular packing then.

Two, three days I wait for them to tell me the total.

5,928 yen.

And it will go through customs. Which will be 3199 yen more.

So basically I'm looking at 9118 yen on SHIPPING for a single, normal scale figure.

Well f*** you fromjapan. Never again.


Thanks for the support guys, but this is starting to drag some unwelcomed drama and debating by people who don't seem to read my replies in full so I'm just explaining myself over and over. For the time being at least, I will close the comments.
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