iShin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 - Kujika...7.5/10

I wanted to write a review on this lovely figure to hopefully help those trying to decide if they want to acquire her. This is of course an Alter figure and it looks like they lived up to their reputation of quality on this figure. there is actually two variants of this figure, the other is an alternate color which is a limited/exclusive figure meaning the price on her is higher then this standard release.

Before I start, please understand the highest I can give in scoring is a 9. I will not give out 10s as there is always room for improvement.

Sculpting & painting

Let's first start with her special glasses that Rise wears in the TV world to fight the shadows.

Unlike the majority of spectacles that are accessories for various figures, these are actually a decent replica of a scaled down pair of glasses that the figure actually wears.

And also, unlike a lot of figures that come with glasses hers is actually pretty "easy" to put on and they will stay in place. You actually have to remove them so no fear of losing them when moving the figure around. Big props for that. They stay in place with a combination of her hair pressing against the the temples of the glasses as well as the temple tips resting on her ears.

And of course as you can see in the pictures above, the lenses are nice and clear so you can see her beautiful eyes.

Another item to point out, her key chain attached to her cellphone.

I think you can agree they did a great job there. The cell phone itself is unremarkable but since she's supposed to be holding it and it's obscured by her hand I guess it isn't an issue. Note the flawless paint job on such a small item.

Now, onto the figure, let's take a quick 360 tour of her first.

If you examine her from all sides, there is no visible lines besides the standard ones you expect on her head. There are no issues to point out. They did a great job with her in regards to sculpting.

The paint job on her flesh is superb, with the various shades to emphasize the depth and curves of her body.

Since she's already in a swimsuit, I don't know if I really need to do this but what the hey. I'm sure some people don't want to see this discussion...

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If you look at the picture below, you'll see something between her thighs... They definitely did a great job sculpting her rear end. 8Þ

She definitely has all the curves you expect and more! Also great job on the stretching and wrinkles in her swimsuit.

They did a great job on her shoes, feet and toes. The attention to detail can't be denied. The variation of shading/color at her ankles make them look so realistic.

While we're down here, let's take a closer look at her amazing legs. They look great!

An excellent job indeed. Very nicely proportioned.

Let's move up to her belly button and tummy. Very nicely done. Note also the great job with her swimsuit.

A nice touch with the collar, but does that really go with a swimsuit? Also, they captured her hair blowing in the wind perfectly. Speaking of her hair, I think they could have done a better job painting it. That's about the only paint issue I observed such as the great job they did with her eyes and lips.

Given all that Sculpting and Painting both received a score of 9.


As much as I like the figure and the pose, I don't know. It seems they could have done a little better. Her left hand, could have been adjusting her swimsuit or maybe doing something with her hair.

The placement of her legs and feet probably could be adjusted to allow a better view of her lovely legs.

Based on that, I give posing a score of 8.


The base is not an usual shape which sort of makes it difficult to display with other figures, but at the same time it isn't over sized so I guess it balances out. Sturdiness wise, I'm concerned it could get damaged if you're not careful moving the figure. Overall, I'd say the base is average, score of 5.


If I remember correctly it was a compact window box, with the usual blister design to protect the figure. Artwork/design was minimal like any other Alter box. Basically, it wasn't worth me keeping. Average, score of 5.


Do I enjoy owning this figure? Yes. Was she worth what I paid at release? Considering Alter stayed consistent with their quality and detail, definitely worth it. She's a great looking figure and her 1/8 scale gives you a lot of options display choices. So a score of 9 on Enjoyment.

See you later!
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03 years ago (3 years ago)BluRayBluRay
Great review. I'd like to own her one day. I think she looks excellent.



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