iLucky☆Star - Hiiragi Kagami - 1/12 - School Wear ver. (Wave)8.17/10

Hi, everyone. I'm new at reviewing, but I wanted to review some figures I own that are not as mainstream as the other ones. The Wave 1/12 Hiiragi Kagami is actually a very small figure, but has exceptional quality.


I think she is very well sculpted for her size. I really like the details on her skirt and shoes.


The painting was also flawless. I really love the way Wave does the eyes.


The pose itself is somewhat standard, but it is stable. I personally think Kagami's right hand is flipped too much to the back.


Base is pretty small, but it does its job and has some interesting bricked patterns.


Packaging is pretty standard and it does its job.


There is not much to do with her since she is a completed figure, but she's nice to see. :)


I also own the figma version of her, but I think the face is sculpted better in this version. The figma version face looks rather too big. I admit that the Wave Kagami is pretty expensive for her size, but the quality of the figure is amazing.
You can pair her up with Tsukasa, her twin sister, for more fun!

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