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[Unboxing] Dominator - Psycho-Pass (サイコパス)

Dominator (ドミネーター) - Psycho-Pass (サイコパス)
Model Kits: 1/1 Replica
Material: Polystyrene (ポリスチレン)
Price: ¥18,900

Due to the licence of the BG music.
I need to modified them a little bit. Lol

Product Link: (ext link)
Video Link: (ext link)

Ps. When I finish painting and modified, I will show you guys again!!

Thanks for watching!!

My local shop said he can put the sound box
and LED together into the Dominator!! :D
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Comments (9)

02 years agoLeo22334455Leo22334455
To be honest the price is a bit exorbitant for the product. I would buy it for maybe half the price....but it looks really well made I can say that!
02 years agolonesomefollylonesomefolly
I really wanna see this with the led and sound box
02 years agovidaotakuvidaotaku
To much expensive for that.. I really like the show but trow 20k for some pieces of plastic what a ripoff.
02 years agolonesomefollylonesomefolly
price tag is whack if you ask me, although if you add leds it might look really worthwhile
02 years agoiTheShirtiTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
MUST... ..HAVE...
Cloudedmind (2 years ago) #1446830I really want one of these. Are you going to try and add the voice box as well?

I dont' think the sound box will be fit into it.
But I will add the LED for sure!! :D
02 years ago (2 years ago)xxkurenaixshixxxxkurenaixshixx
oOoOo....I would love to own one also *_*

Thanks for showing us the Dominator and can't wait to see the out come of it =D

[edit 2] lol never mind ^^a
02 years agoCloudedmindCloudedmind
I really want one of these. Are you going to try and add the voice box as well?
02 years agoheatsignatureheatsignature
When I saw the Dominator in the anime I knew I had to have one...
and after seeing this i need one even more (T∇T)



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