iSaber ~Motored Cuirassier~ 1/8 (GSC)n/a    Readers' selection (2013-08-23)

Fate/Zero Saber, Motored Cuirassier ver.
1/8 PVC Figure (Good Smile Company)
See this post and more at Keripo's Corner

Here’s the first figure review since moving – the dynamic Saber Zero on her mana-enhanced bike.

Here's the scene from the Fate/Zero anime

- Type: PVC figure
- Character: Saber
- Version: Motored Cuirassier
- Series: Fate/Zero
- Company: Good Smile Company
- Sculptor: Kawahara Takayuki
- Release date: 2012/06/27 (Standard)
- Specs: 1/8, PVC, L=290 mm (11.31 in) H=160 mm (6.24 in), 1250g
- Price: ¥13143
- JAN: 4582191965772

- Good Smile Company product page
- MyFigureCollection entry
- Suruga-ya entry

- Mandarake
- Rakuten
- YahooJapanAuctions
- AmiAmi
- HobbySearch

The above is the new setup that I used for photographing this. Personally, I think a red cloth backdrop with folds/ripples looks better than plain white. Opinions?

What kind of backdrop should I use for figure photo reviews?

  • 30%
    Red cloth, with folds (used here)
  • 10%
    Red cloth, flat
  • 47.5%
    Solid white
  • 12.5%
    Blue would be nice. The red is a bit repulsive and white a little plain (WB is a pain too)

40 votes - Votes are public

Comments (3)

03 years agoKuugaKuuga
Its depend on your taste.

some ppl use black for the background.

well...its a nice review.

Daijobu !
03 years agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
I think white would be better as well. The red doesn't complement the figure here, though it might for others. Also, it seems like you want to do a photo-only review, but I think adding in some comments here and there would be better.
03 years ago (3 years ago)maraiatorimaraiatori
Nice review. But I think a solid white backdrop would be nicer for figure reviews. But that's my opinion. Sometimes a red bg can complement a certain figure c:



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