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Welcome to the Busou Shinki club!

This club is here for all of the Tsuki-Board Shinki fans to meet and get to know each other.
For every one of you that looks at this club but doesn't join, GodMasaki Apsy shoots down a flying sky-loli. You don't want that, do you?

Picture courtesy of DD

Yuuka_KazamiGuide for adding Busou Shinki to the database:

Resource: Wikipedia

NAME: Character name, without Type classification.
example Correct: Howling
Incorrect: Howling Dog Type Full Set

CATEGORY: Action Figure

VERSION: Type classification, without name.
exampleCorrect:Full Set MMS Type Dog
Incorrect: Howling Dog Type MMS


SCULPTOR: Masaki Apsy, NOT the god damn illustrator!


SCALE: 1:1 150mm (Average Busou Shinki size; just keep it in there for simplicity)

PRICE: Retrieve the recommended retail price from Konami

RELEASE DATE: Same as PRICE, or check the Wikipedia page

CAST OFF: No (It's so ridiculously ambiguous in this sense; just leave it normalized at No)

RUN: Check Wikipedia

SERIES: Check to see if the corresponding Wave has a series.

COPYRIGHT: Character designer This is where you get to put "Shimada Humikane" or "BLADE", not in Sculptor!

FURTHER INFORMATION: "Character design by _____" etc

That should be all. Try and follow this guide in the future.

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02 years agoCthulhuwaifuCthulhuwaifu
Anyone in Brazil interested in selling second hand shinkis?
Alguém no Brasil interessado em vender shinkis?
02 years agorlukarluka
BJS (2 years ago) #3347001No one in hear?…Until coloured prototype is ready
02 years agoBJSBJS
No one in hear?…
03 years ago (3 years ago)YummerlyYummerly
Selling my very last 4 Busou Shinkis, all brand new, mint condition, never been opened and box condition perfect. Also at a lower then normal price.

Reduced prices now~

SOLD, thanks.
03 years ago (3 years ago)YummerlyYummerly
34 years agotBanzaitBanzai
ded club ded toy line konami a shit ;_;
04 years agoDrakenDraken
in the Wonder festival Winter 2013 a news body for replace the old MMS
MACHINECA F ( マシニーカ「F」)

[ext link ]

I don't know when is will be ready or who is the maker. It's look like a GK.

Busou Shinki Rebirth?
04 years agoRaiskiRaiski
Moon_Lightning (4 years ago) #1688874Thank you! I really appriciate the info.I just recently discovered Busou Shinki World though for some reason my posts are not being approved to go up on the board. I even found a few Shinkis I could afford there too.
No problem. As for BSW you'll need to wait for a while, once your first post gets approved they should all become approved automatically after that. I'm on there too but I have been unactive for some time now... ^^'
04 years agoMoon_LightningMoon_Lightning
Raiski (4 years ago) #1688860Good luck for the hunt! There are still some shinkis that you can get for reasonable prices out there, so hopefully you find something you like. :) I buy mine from Mandarake usually, some I've bought from other shinki-owners. You need a proxy to order stuff from Konami's store. Other places to look for shinkis would be Jungle, Yahoo! Japan Auctions or Taobao (you need a proxy for the last two). Unfortunately the online game is no more, even the official site has been taken down. There's Battle Masters for the PSP though, that's a great game. If you have a PSP I highly recommend getting that one or Battle Masters Mk.2 which has everything that the first Battle Masters had plus more. If you've got any more questions, don't hesitate to ask. ^^
Thank you! I really appriciate the info.I just recently discovered Busou Shinki World though for some reason my posts are not being approved to go up on the board. I even found a few Shinkis I could afford there too.
04 years agoRaiskiRaiski
xxsupernoid (4 years ago) #1685288hello everyone! i should be getting Altines model tomorrow ^^

Congrats on getting Altines! She's so cute, be sure to post some pics. :D I'm currently trying to get one of my Shinki grails...let's see if I'll get lucky.

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