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Dear Rider,
Over decades of series, many riders were born: from Ichigo to OOO, the designs evolved, the special effects improved and lots of figures were produced! S.I.C, S.H.Figuarts, Project BM!!, and everything in between. Anything goes!

Let's HENSHIN and discuss them!

Crossover MSLN x KR DCD :

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12 years agoSmokerBambooSmokerBamboo

My latest haul: SHF Kamen Rider Drive type Deadheat!
Read my "Quicklook" review on this action figure here: [ext link ]

03 years agoEckEck
Hi, just wanted to share my 3 Riders! :)

04 years agoZombieZachZombieZach
Just sharing a few pics I took. :)



04 years agoKuugaKuuga
Happy Valentine allhttp://i49.tinypic.com/2romafd.jpg

05 years agoRaiakngihtRaiakngiht
Spartan (5 years ago) #980831I took a couple of pictures of my soft vinyl army:

Kamen Riders: picture #448678

Kaijin and other figures: picture #448679

I'm envious of you collection.... But you've had a while longer to get such a nice collection. I'm still in college, and as such I just don't have the time or money right now. Oh well.
05 years agoKajiMotomiyaKajiMotomiya
Just joined, and what better way to celebrate joining is with a little rant?

I've had my Figaurts Kamen Rider Knight for a while, but I finally took it out of the box for the first time. I never knew how...annoying it would be. I didn't know the plug-in parts were detachable for stuff like the back-connectors for Darkwing. I was actually afraid of losing those parts. I was even more afraid of breaking Knight's Dark Visor because it was a thin and flat sword, similar to figma Black Rock Shooter. I spent all "knight" (lol) carefully handling the figure for picture taking with figma Black Rock Shooter 2035 (hence the comparison).

Needless to say, the cape bit was a bit disappoint. The connector leaves a huge gap, and the final product looks...different than what's on the box.

Up next, Ryuki and Ouja, finally out of their boxes...
05 years agoSpartanSpartan
I took a couple of pictures of my soft vinyl army:

Kamen Riders: picture #448678

Kaijin and other figures: picture #448679
05 years agoKuugaKuuga
ore...sanjou !

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