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For all you Fate fans out there!

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03 years ago (3 years ago)MaakieMaakie
I just finished a review relevant to this club! :D (mfc link)
03 years ago (3 years ago)EccmyEccmy
Just discovered, and joined this club!
I don't know if it's still alive, but if you're interested and if you didn't know about it already, a few months ago I've started a MFC photo album dedicated to one of my favourite figures, item #75563.

The album's name (and theme): "Fate sitting in a nature setting". (mfc link)

I plan to take more photos of that figure in various settings and seasons, and will strive to improve myself at taking photos, so don't hesitate checking the album once in a while if you wish! ;)
(Added a new photo to the album today, BTW: picture #967683. Enjoy!)
05 years agoDracnoreDracnore
Welcome to the club Tsukasa. Yes, Fate is a beautiful character, in both personality and looks.
05 years agoTsukasaTsukasa
Hi guys, I just joined. I watched the first Nanoha series in 2006 and immediately had a crush on Fate. I didn't really like StrikerS, but Fate became so beautiful it only made the crush worse. Now I can't walk past any merchandise that has her face on it and the easiest way to troll me is by insulting her. Well, I guess I joined the right club xD
06 years agorakusu_kleinrakusu_klein
item #13808
item #47826
Yeah, my newest additions :)
06 years agoposeidon21poseidon21
any1 got fate phantoms mind from alter yet?....got a question for that thing...i post the question on the item
07 years ago (7 years ago)NozomiNozomi
Hello everyone! :D
I'm a huge fan of Feito-chan!~ She is the only reason I have watched the Series.

I need the figma with her new outfit from StrikerS ._//. (figma number 009 when I'm right...)

BTW, cute 'welcome'-pic *-* I really like it ^-^
07 years agoEmihiroEmihiro
Hi guys! I'm new here! Fate Testarossa forever! :P
07 years agokumasanmkkumasanmk
yakumoonly admins and mods of the club...
07 years agoyakumoyakumo You said Nendo?
you cant

only admins and mods can

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Fate T. Harlaown Goddess


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