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kilaniI didn't know that bootlegs were so common on Amazon.

The good thing about Amazon is that they are very VERY strict, it is easy to get a seller booted off of there.

Does that perhaps only apply to the USA version and/or to figures?

I reported to Amazon UK that a seller was selling lots of bootleg DVDs
(Soul Eater 01-51, Ghibli 16 movie set etc. all region 0 with English and Chinese subs) ,
after which I got a "thank you for the info" mail.
A few weeks later, the bootlegger and his bootleg DVDs were _still_ there.
So I contacted the UK distributer of the Ghibli movies and now the bootlegger seems to be gone.

Though some of the bootlegs are still listed, but as "Currently unavailable".
Why Amazon lets sellers add "Region: all regions" DVDs without even passing
those by a check is a mystery to me. :-(

So _my_ experience is that Amazon (UK) doesn't seem to act against their sellers unless/until
they're at risk of legal troubles...

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