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Tsunami3kI've been seeing "888 Anime" show up a lot in my Amazon figure searches lately. Has anyone dealt with them? Their prices are good but almost too good.

I bought [ext link ] from 888 Anime recently and thought the item I got was a bootleg at first. I sent an email and the guy assured me that it was not so maybe it just isn't that great of a paint job on Kotobukiya's part? It's an old figure so I don't know how Kotobukiya did back then since I only started collecting recently. There is also not enough info on this figure that I could find so I could compare pics. Also it may be worth to note the two clear plastic parts that hold it in the box were not taped together like every other figure I have received which I thought was odd. This again could be how Kotobukiya did it in 2004?

Since it was so cheap I decided to just keep it anyways.

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