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So _my_ experience is that Amazon (UK) doesn't seem to act against their sellers unless/until
they're at risk of legal troubles...

I more meant, if it's in the buyers hands. If your feedback falls below a certain point, your account is frozen and blocked, and you don't get your money. If enough people left negative feedback alerting fake the seller would have to deal with repercussions. I was more comparing it to eBay, where it's easy to survive even if you have tons of negatives.

Ah, I see. Amazon acts after customers leave negative feedback about their purchase.
For that "all regions" bootleg DVD seller that wouldn't have worked, since anyone with half
a brain would see those DVDs as "fishy" and so only people who are completely clueless
about bootlegs or people who don't care about buying bootlegs would buy them and so there
would be no one to give negative feedback...
I can't say I like that "bootlegs are fine as long as no buyer complains" stance from Amazon. :-(

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