Prize Figure Appreciation PeersPrize Figure Appreciation PeersP-Fap - Let's appreciate prize figures together! \^д^/

Prize Figure Appreciation Peers

(no, this abbreviation is purely coincidental ;)

Now I won't claim that prize figures look better than high quality figures from Alter or similar, but think about it. A single HQ figure is eight (or more) times more expensive than a prize figure, but does it really look eight times that good? I don't think so.

Of course there are some prize figures which look pretty derpy, but the same can also be said of higher prized scale figures. Derpiness with a high price tag isn't rare, and then there are even high prized scale figures who make scales look better by comparison. *cough*Griffon*cough*

Anyway, if you also think you'll get much more bang for the buck with prize figures and think that they're under-appreciated, welcome to the club!

Let's appreciate prize figures together! \^д^/

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01 month agoHentai_SonHentai_Son
a blessed group :^)
03 months agoRisenfromashfigRisenfromashfig
I am new to anime figure collecting and got several prize figures as part of a lot of misc. figures I bought. I was impressed by their quality, but am confused about how people not in Japan can get their hands on prize figures. Do they get snatched up and imported? Do you have to get lucky and find a Japanese collector who has duplicates? How does this work? Thanks for explaining this to the newb. :)
45 months agoAdephiAdephi
Heck yes, prize figures :D
Adorable and affordable :)
16 months agomaggiemaggie
Wow I just found out about this club because my plushies were tagged. Heck yes prize figures!
16 months agoMegiddoMegiddo
Woohoo, finally I found a club for me. The large majority of my collection are prize figures, and honestly, some of my very favorite figures are prize figures. One of my recent eBay scavenges landed me this beautiful Love Plus prize figure, and I absolutely love it. I buy on a budget, and if I see a figure that I like for a reasonable price then I'll buy it, whether it's from a high quality maker or a crane game prize, all that matters is that I like the way it looks and the value/affordability.
36 months agoSprinkleSoopSprinkleSoop
Joining to support prize figures! While I do not have any as I only started collecting recently, I don't see any reason to be against prize figures. There are so many well done ones, and they are much more affordable which opens the world of figure collecting to even more people! Sadly in hobbies like these there is sure to be elitism in spending tons of money on big fancy figures, but I think the truest collectors will be able to appreciate all types of figures for the unique value they bring. :)
06 months agoSinCSinC
i really like some prize figure because their detail sometimes amazes me
like naruto and sasuke from boruto,they're very affordable,but sasuke got rinnegan and hand inside the cape,naruto also has hands inside his hokage coat,these detail are weirdly attractive lol
GLM shanks also sick,his expression and his removeable cape are just.... wow

i was going to buy SH Figuarts one because they are articulated,but their detail most of the time turned me off :(
07 months agoZettaiRyouiki15ZettaiRyouiki15
I really like prize figures, because it seems to me like they capture the character in very cute and unique poses and a lot of variety. so that's why I really like them. and I have been lucky and mine were VERY good quality except for one horrible one. LOL
09 months agohatsuneniku99hatsuneniku99
My three big figure are all prize figures and the quality is lovely! I do want some more expensive ones bc I want better quality, but prize figures defiantly are awesome!
01 year agoRaylaSanRaylaSan
saintbe (1 year ago) #9017246So glad I found this club ! Figures that won't cost me an organ are just what I currently need :)
Anyone can inform me a bit more on what 'prize' figures actually are ? I mean, I know they are cheaper but aside from that I have no idea how these are different from 'regular' figures. Just guessing I would say that the quality can be so-so if you compare to normal figures or am I wrong there ?
Cheer !

I think this video might help you

[ext link ]

if the annotations don't work skip to 4:06 to go to the section talking about prize figures

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Prize Figure Appreciation Peers


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