MyethosMyethosA club for fans of the Chinese figure company, Myethos.

A club for fans of the Chinese figure company, Myethos.

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Illustrator credits:
Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood: Monogo (Pixiv)
Alice, Queen of Hearts, and White Rabbit: Ask (Pixiv) encyclopedia #57044

MFC currently does not allow non Japanese related items in it's database. Make sure you have read the database guidelines when adding items, espically if they are from a non Japanese manfacturer.

If you have pictures of Myethos's figures uploaded to the site let me know in the comments and I will link them. Tag your images with the tags below if you want to add them to each figure's gallery.

Click to View List of FiguresHide Name | Version
Origin | Comment
Illustrator | Sculptor | Item link
Status | Release Date | MSRP (Yen)
Scale | Tag (pictures)/MFC Gallery link |
ImageHideOfficial image or latest prototype here. Click image to visit source.

Fairy Tale ~Another~ line Snow White
© Monogo | Myethos
Released | Feb 2015 | 8,800
1/8th scale | myethos_snow_white | ImageHide Little Red Riding Hood
© Monogo | Myethos
Released | Aug 2015 | 8,800
1/8th scale | myethos_riding_hood | ImageHide Alice
© Ask | Myethos
Released | Jan 2016 | 10,800
1/8th scale | myethos_alice | ImageHide Queen of Hearts
© Ask | Unknown
Released | Oct 2016 | 11,800
1/8th scale | myethos_queen_of_hearts | ImageHide White Rabbit
© Ask | Unknown
Announced | TBA
1/8th scale | myethos_white_rabbit | ImageHide

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku | Sweet Princess Ver.
Vocaloid | Collab with MaosouHouse
Unknown | Unknown | item link
On Hold: (mfc link)
UNK scale | (mfc link) | ImageHide Stardust
Ask | Unknown
Preorder | Apr 2017 | 11800
1/8th scale | myethos_stardust | ImageHide

Wedding Dress Figures Nia Teppelin | Wedding Dress Ver.
Gurren Lagann
Unknown | Unknown | item #368017
Preorder | Jan 2017 | 11,800
1/8th scale | (mfc link) | ImageHide Holo | Wedding Dress Ver.
Spice and Wolf | Collab with TOM
Unknown | Unknown | item #485674
Announced | TBA |
UNK scale | (mfc link) | ImageHide

Other Dante
Devil May Cry | Collab with UMOE
Unknown | Unknown | item #449239
Announced | TBA
1/6th scale | (mfc link) | ImageHide Zhao Linger
The Legend of Sword and Fairy
Unknown | Unknown
Preorder | Apr 2017 | ‎11800
UNK scale | myethos_zhao_linger | ImageHide Shao Siming
Qin's Moon | Collab with Manluotuo
Ask | Unknown
Announced | TBA
UNK scale | myethos_shao_siming | ImageHide Unknown
Project R Warship Girls
Ran | Unknown
Sculpted | TBA
UNK scale | unknown | ImageHide Unknown
The land of Caromag
Ran | Unknown
Teased | TBA
UNK scale | unknown | ImageHide

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016 hours ago (16 hours ago)ItsaTimmyItsaTimmy
Looks like Myethos and Emontoys are teaming up to make Fu Hoho from Hitori no Shita: The Outcast

item #549737

I haven't seen anything else from them from wonfest, but I'll keep an eye out.
01 day agoItsaTimmyItsaTimmy
Wedding Holo is up for order: [ext link ]
13 days agodamedanbodamedanbo
I hadn't paid much attention to this company before, despite their beautiful work. But today I was browsing TOM and saw Myethos' Stardust, and now I'm in love. Very seriously considering putting in a PO on payday. It seems like the finished products of their figures come out looking really nice, so I'm hoping that Stardust doesn't end up looking drastically different from her prototype. Just looking at some of their upcoming figures: wow, they've got some really interesting designs. I'm excited to see where this company goes next!
1110 days agonguyedtnguyedt
Hi everyone,

I joined this club after seeing the very first QoH preview last year and I'm glad that I finally have her! Here's a couple shots I took of her today. I even bought a chess board just for the occasion!

View ImageHide Image

View ImageHide Image

I'm really happy with her and will continue to support Myethos (:
114 days agomeynethmeyneth
Picked up my QoH Friday, but only got to open her last night. Wow, this figure is miles away from Snow White. So proud for them!
So much tape stuff though. I was worried I was going to peel off paint or something...
The metallic design on the back of the box is great though!
picture #1702902
picture #1702901
picture #1702900
116 days agoKanonKanon
My Queen of Hearts arrived today! Ahhh my goodness she is so STUNNING. She really does demand so much attention. Perfection <3

I am super stoked to see how Myethos tackles more of the fairy tale line! I also can't wait to see how their Holo turns out. Eeee!
221 days ago (21 days ago)AnusAnus
just got my Queen of Hearts
very cute
View spoilerHide spoiler
021 days agoEbonwingEbonwing
ItsaTimmy (21 days ago) #17879575If you are trying to host with imgur, they have MFC blacklisted so your images won't show up. [ext link ] seems to have a arrangement with MFC. At some point I still want to go in and add JAN codes but I have been busy as well.
Oh. That's good to know. I'll try again this evening then. Thanks.
021 days ago (21 days ago)ItsaTimmyItsaTimmy
Ebonwing (21 days ago) #17865675(Still haven't figured out why the page breaks if I try to edit the thumbnails.) If you are trying to host with imgur, they have MFC blacklisted so your images won't show up. [ext link ] seems to have a arrangement with MFC. At some point I still want to go in and add JAN codes but I have been busy as well.
021 days agoEbonwingEbonwing
AkibaMelon (21 days ago) #17865792Oh, I hope I didn't sound too critical >.< I just wanted to point it out ^^; Since Myethos figures usually can't be in the database I mainly rely on Twitter and this club for news and upcoming information :D
And YES... what's with that orange prototype!? O.o I really hope they will have the moon painted in gold in the final version :o Since the orange is the exact same color as underneath her dress which is really irritating >>

No, not at all, I've been slacking.

The bronze-ish moon photos were given later, so the final version will likely look more like that, I think.

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