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Hey would you like to get Xenoblade Figma figures, please join our cause
[ext link ]
Here's a video Explaining everything

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01 year agoKiruKiruKiruKiru
still asking on the FB
01 year agoAmestrisSquareAmestrisSquare
[ext link ]
Here's the latest video on the matter, Please watch it to catch up with what's been going on
01 year agoAmestrisSquareAmestrisSquare
Hello People, if anybody can go to their, FB page and ask them for both shulk and fiora, say you want FIGMAS, and be polite, put an image to show them the characters
01 year agoAmestrisSquareAmestrisSquare
bravely (1 year ago) #5990878I'd really love a shulk figma!!! Of course, just look at the video I put in the link down below
01 year agobravelybravely
I'd really love a shulk figma!!!
01 year agoAmestrisSquareAmestrisSquare
StephieHerbert (1 year ago) #5966634Xenoblade figmas would be great! Thanks, if you know anyone please link them this video [ext link ] and invite them to join this club, this is just the beginning
11 year agoStephieHerbertStephieHerbert
Xenoblade figmas would be great!

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