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For all them rootin' tootin' fans of Megurine! GO MEGURINE LUKA!!!!

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01 year agoRieszRiesz
I still love this song.

02 years agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
anyone here who lieks to have my megurine luka pre-order for 8470 yen total? (incl. shipping to europe) from biginjap
02 years agoKuugaKuuga
Poltergeist (2 years ago) #1063262
a sequel to a certain story.. Just Be Friends

what the title of this song ?

Answer ?
02 years ago (2 years ago)PoltergeistPoltergeist

a sequel to a certain story.. Just Be Friends
03 years agoKuugaKuuga
woo...Luka Megurine Fans Club.

let me in, I'm a fan of Luka Megurine.
03 years ago (3 years ago)PoltergeistPoltergeist

03 years agoILoveWammyILoveWammy
Added afew Mods.
03 years agoShenWongShenWong
PoltergeistHoping this would be true XD

item #72522

13 years agoLocklear93Locklear93
ZawaI've never liked any of the Vocaloids before Luka. IMO, none of them sounded like real people... But then I heard Luka's voice and I loved it instantly :D

It's funny--part of why I like Vocaloids is that they DON'T quite sound real. Despite that, Luka's my favorite too.
04 years agoPoltergeistPoltergeist
SeasonreaperShe really does need a good quality figure. I don't quite understand why she doesn't have one yet :|.

Hoping this would be true XD

item #72522

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