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View spoilerHide spoilerNo, you don't deserve this. You've done absolutely nothing wrong man, you were just in love. You were such a brave person in love. Any brave lover would've done what you did, whether their interest was female or male. You just followed your heart, which is absolutely the right course of action (in my mind, at least).

See, I'm the problem in this relationship we had going. I just couldn't decide what to do. I felt I loved you deep down inside, but I just couldn't get over the fact that your such an amazing person in so many ways. I couldn't get over the fact that you loved me, somebody who was nowhere near as amazing as you are. You were so friendly, and so many people fell for you. You even fell back for one of them, and I supported that at the time, even though deep down I wanted you all to myself.

I always have...

Even though I know I want you all to myself, something just kept getting in the way. I just kept thinking that you needed somebody better than me, and I needed somebody equal to myself. I realized you had such feelings for me, but mine didn't seem to quite match that. I couldn't return all that you'd given me, ever.

With that in mind, I made the decision. I was going to put an end to all this, and simply seal away my desire and let go of you. I was going to let you float to somebody who is equal to your amazingness, and could absolutely return everything you'd given them. And I was going to float the other direction, and find somebody like me. Somebody as sensitive as me, perhaps. Somebody who could give me a taste of my own medicine that I've thrown at you for so long.

So I did it. I planned it all out in my head, and took that course of action in hopes it would all end like that. So soon after, though, I think I might've done something wrong.

Was that really what I should've done? Should I really have let go of the person I had such a deep desire for?

View spoilerHide spoilerThis almost seems as all the more proof that you deserve somebody better. You need somebody who won't hurt you, somebody who will treat you better.

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Even after you let go of me, I'll still always be there by your side to love you, whether you like it or not (๑´ω`๑)

Although there are billions of other people I could love, you're the only one I could even imagine being truly happy with ♥

As much as you think I deserve somebody else, now's the time for you to be selfish:

Would you be happier with somebody else?
Or would you rather keep me all to yourself?

Personally, I enjoy somebody that can take hold of me in a selfish manner ~ 💗

B-But that's just between me and you, okay? (//∇//)

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