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What would you like to see Good Smile Company make?

  • 4%
    Finish Space Patrol Luluco trio nendoroid (Midori and Nova)
  • 4%
    Space Patrol Luluco scales
  • 20%
    Finish Little Witch Academia trio nendoroid (Lotte and Sucy)
  • 24%
    Little Witch Academia scales
  • 8%
    Little Witch Academia figmas
  • 4%
    Trigger Girls scales or nendoroids
  • 28%
    More Kill La Kill scales or nendoroids
  • 4%
    Inferno Cop nendoroid
  • 4%
    Kiznaiver scales or nendoroids
  • Love and Violence with Machspeed scales or nendoroids

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6 months ago
What would you like to see Good Smile Company make in terms of Trigger goods or figures? You can also comment below if you have other suggestions.

You only have one vote so please choose the one you want most.

Thank you everyone!!
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4 months ago
Sucy item #594249 and Lotte item #594250 Nendoroids were announced. Hopefully we see this weekend what Wonderfest brings.
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