I'm addicted to Pretty BoysI'm addicted to Pretty BoysDo you like anime pretty boys? Do you want the pretty boys?

A group for those of us who are terribly addicted to pretty boys. If you see a cheap pretty boy you can't help but buy him, if you see an expensive boy you can't help but buy him, however you burst in tears as you realize you spent all your rent money.

All the pretty boys are allowed in the group! This is also an opinion, every boy is pretty in their own way!

Only pretty boys are to be discussed.
Pretty boys dressed as girls are allowed.
Pretty girls dressed as boys are not allowed. (Unless they follow below rules)
Gender confused children are allowed if gender is not mentioned.
Male traps are allowed, female traps if they look decently pretty boyish.
The more roses, sparkles, and magical anime pink smoke that surrounds the pretty boys the better!

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113 days agoIkkiyuuIkkiyuu
Me when more pretty male figures get released


I'm addicted to Pretty Boys


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