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This club is dedicated to all things containing the artwork created by female character designer Sayori.

Born in China, she started drawing at the age of 5 and debuted as a illustrator with "Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles 3.*

She is mostly known for her artwork of the NekoPara series, but she also does character design for SMILE (スミレ), the makers of Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma.

*= according to the Japanese Wikipedia

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06 days agochobittsuchobittsu
I made the decision and made a $100 pledge for the Nekopara OVA with the LE Blu-ray reward; it was just too tempting as it includes a physical artbook and a piece of film reel.
012 days agochobittsuchobittsu
darkfader (13 days ago) #17446707NekoPara 60min OVA kickstarter goal reached \o/
I know, right? ^^
I do plan on getting a hard copy of the OVA when it comes out.
I'm unsure about making a pledge as the max. goal is reached. I could do it, but I'm not a fan of Steam-connected stuff.
012 days agochobittsuchobittsu
I had no idea that Sayori is actually from China.
That explains why the Nekopara games are in Japanese, English and Chinese...
113 days agodarkfaderdarkfader
NekoPara 60min OVA kickstarter goal reached \o/

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