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Hello, friends!
Are you 30, 40, 50, 60, or even 100 years old?
well, this group is for you!

Since this group is targeted for older members, the main theme will be adding characters that are above the age of 30.

No one is ever "too old" to be figure collecting or enjoying a hobby you're passionate about.
I created this group targeting older collectors who want to socialize and meet others their own age. (Though, younger people under the age of 30 are still permitted to join (including myself), but the group is targeted for a older audience.

Also, I'm not talking about how many years you've figure collected, I'm talking about how old we are while we're collecting =D

Send random requests to each other! Converse, make some friendships and have random discussions in this group!


1. Do not talk about anything political.
2. No hate speech is allowed

Know any characters that are above the age of 30? Type it in the comments. I check every character by wiki to make sure they are 30 or above.

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