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A Group for all the fans of Figures and other Works from Good Smile Company (GSC).

Here a part of Danny's share: (ext link)
Official website : (ext link)
Also, here the english Version (thanks to Danny): (ext link)

So, first here the GSC-Clip for their coming new figure:

Also their spring incomings:

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021 days agoYan-sanYan-san
Definitely one of the best companies!
02 months ago2nd_flight2nd_flight
hello.. im newcomer for collectiong figuree... but very like gsc figure one.. and become fans on it... yoroshiku~~
03 months agoNitroPLUSNitroPLUS
strawberinrin (3 months ago) #1926019I could tell that GSC has one of the prettiest figures I have ever seen!
IMO together with Alter and Max Factory, they certainly have!
03 months agostrawberinrinstrawberinrin
I could tell that GSC has one of the prettiest figures I have ever seen!
14 months agoa3u5z1ia3u5z1i
My eternal wishlist: All Character from mahouka koukou no rettousei series :)
08 months agoteashapedteashaped
Rintarou Okabe Nendoroid pleaseeeee! D:
08 months agoAndyKunAndyKun
The figures of GSC are just beautiful! ^(*Q*)^
010 months agoGordo132Gordo132
Just recently joined the site, looking around to see the clubs on the site and I just had to join GSC Club, some of their Nendoroids & Figures just look amazing~
011 months agoLexiyLexiy The WCF Aficionado
If you have $700
This is all yours (the entire thing/collection)
(mfc link)
01 year agoHeroQuestHeroQuest
I sell my collection, pm for info.

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