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A Group for all the fans of Figures and other Works from Good Smile Company (GSC).

Here a part of Danny's share: (ext link)
Official website : (ext link)
Also, here the english Version (thanks to Danny): (ext link)

So, first here the GSC-Clip for their coming new figure:

Also their spring incomings:

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01 month agoReycoenmaReycoenma
Bandai Tamashii Nations FiguartsZero Son Goku Spirit Bomb Ver "Dragon Ball Z" Action Figure
03 months ago (3 months ago)RightslashRightslash
Hey ;3 i hope we get along ;)
05 months agoRejean235Rejean235 Give her a weapon
Reycoenma (5 months ago) #2486842Hola que tal, agreguen me amigos coleccionistas.Welcome to MFC
05 months agoReycoenmaReycoenma
Hola que tal, agreguen me amigos coleccionistas.
06 months agoSaber_KnightSaber_Knight
Minzuki (11 months ago) #2215766You can request a figure to be made at anytime,all you have to do is e-mail GSC with the request form filled out.Sometimes they do special voting events like the voting for their 10th anniversary though that worked a little differently from the request section on their site.They'll actually make what you request if enough fans demand the same thing,that's how the line nendoroid more was made.

Thanks for the info, I think it's good that GSC are willing to listen to their fans :)
07 months agoMaakieMaakie
I just finished a review relevant to this club (mfc link) ! ^^
07 months agonendolove12nendolove12
Hey Ive been having a problem with a ryuko matoi nendodroid i bought recently.It seems that one of the arms is a little loose and shakes a little and sometimes falls out. Can anyone help?
07 months agotaherramzytaherramzy
is tis bootleg (mfc link)
010 months agobambipiebambipie
I have Figmas and Nendos that I want to trade rather than sell. They have all been opened and displayed but rarely handled.

I am open to ANY and ALL trades.

1. Araragi: Good condition, has all pieces, displayed only.
2. Touma : Good condition, has all pieces, displayed only.
3. Kiritsugu: Good condition, has all pieces, displayed only.

4. Miku Append : Good condition, has all pieces, displayed only, base still lights up.
5. Erio : Good condition, has all pieces, displayed only.
6. Kuroneko : Good condition, missing dvd and one flat hand, does contain stickers for dvd, displayed only.
7. Tooko: Poor condition, broken neck peg stuck in body, slightly scuffed, missing open book and chair clip. Would be good for parts such as the face, hands, and can.

8. Toro : Good condition, small spot on face, displayed only. [can provide picture
9. Fraulein Movie Yoko : Good condition, missing one small gun, displayed only.

I also have the original BRS and BGS Figmas, which I would be willing to part with. As well as the BGS Nendoroid.
010 months agoGordonWernerGordonWerner
Pure-Lilium (11 months ago) #2215279Has anyone used the product request form on GSC's help page?
...I've seen before that GSC have had voting on re-releases and new products.. any info on how it works? ^^; is it yearly or? Any help would be great :)

From Good Smile via Twitter

"@GordonWerner You can make requests directly to us from here: (Select 'Product/Rerelease Request')"

also helps to include photos/drawings if the character in question is more esoteric or not of Japanese origin

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