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03 years agoRaiskiRaiski
Arurie (3 years ago) #1890901I love Nitro+ but this club seems pretty dead now... That saddens me. Yeah, it'd need new mods to keep things more up to date. *waves suggestively at the mods&admin*
03 years agoArurieArurie
I love Nitro+ but this club seems pretty dead now... That saddens me.
05 years agoAriacosAriacos
One of the greatest companies with the greatest artworks.
Nice club
05 years agoRaiskiRaiski
Also the set should be added to this club of course encyclopedia #39553 ^^
05 years agoRaiskiRaiski
(mfc link) Hey, shamelessly advertising this split for all you Nitro+ fans! It's been a while since some of these Nitro+ games have gotten any merchandise made out of them, so be sure not to miss out on these!! :)
05 years ago_Suzume_Suzume
Hello nice club x3
And you should ad Dramatical Murder it's the newest Nitro+Chiral Novel *.*
05 years agoRaiskiRaiski
(mfc link) Come give your support to Niθ's art as figures (and other cool Nitro+'s art based figures!) :3
05 years agoitsame00itsame00
06 years agodoshiromodoshiromo
I want to join
06 years agoSephikoSephiko
Steins; Gate is halfway translated! Yeeees!
[ext link ]
It's so hard to wait for the visual novel when eveyone's talking about the anime, and there are tons of figures coming out. >_<
06 years agoyesisayyesisay
jast finally posted my copy of demonbane, god knows how long its gunna take for them to release Soukou Akki Muramasa but i hope it takes less than 2 years if at all
06 years agoIIDXIIDX
nikazeJust received “pornojester” and was also very put off by some images. Beside that this is a pretty nice art book.
I have it, saw the image(including the censor).
I did not really faze me, but i expected something like that with a title like ''Pornojester'' XD.
It is indeed a nice artbook by the way.
06 years agoyesisayyesisay
jastusa have started localising them starting with demonbane which should be released soon maybe even next month (wishful thinking) then hopefully sumaga and muramasa will get released next
06 years agoBluRayBluRay
If only Nitro+ games were localized and available in the US and Europe. Bloody ESRB...
06 years ago (6 years ago)fama226fama226 Micronize me
The opening for Nitro+'s newest visual novel

The plot of the story centers around six individuals and a peculiar revolver called the "Axanael" which has the ability to grant the wishes of whomever it shoots; however one of its six bullets is real, thus pitting the characters in a high risk game of Russian Roulette. Five will have their desires granted and one unlucky patron shall be presented with death instead.
Also for all you Soniko fans out there, she makes a guest appearance in this game.
07 years agoWolfwoodWolfwood
Greetings! I upload pictures to this figures: (mfc link)
Please link all pictures to the club! Thanks!
07 years agonikazenikaze
Lestter did anybody buy some of the Nitroplus artbooks I mentioned a couple of posts back?

Just received “pornojester” and was also very put off by some images. Beside that this is a pretty nice art book.
07 years agoWolfwoodWolfwood
New figures entries:
(mfc link)
(mfc link)
(mfc link)
07 years agoWolfwoodWolfwood
Nitro+ have really great Visual Novel titles!
I want more figures to Saya no Uta!
And Angelos Armas figures...
07 years agoimacatloverimacatlover
kettenkradSpeaking of Sonico, can anyone help me with this?
[ext link ]

That white-haired guy with Akira (Togainu no Chi), who is it? The pic's taken from Nitro+ Treasures artbook cover.

Then I came across this particular fanart:
[ext link ]

So, uh, does this mean that he's a male!Sonico? Or...or not? If not, who is he? *___*

Thanks in advanced for the help~

If I'm not mistaking, he is what Soniko is to Nitro+, a male character mascot for Nitro+Chiral. That, or he's just a normal mascot of the artist >w> Not much is known about him yet, but he's pretty handsome <3

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