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Haro every nion! How are you? Fine, sank you

Welcome all who are fans of Kiyohiko Azuma and his two hit works: Azumanga Daioh and Yotsubato. Here you can discuss anything from the anime, manga, merchandise, characters,
or just how much you like slice of life shows!

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06 years agoLovelyAthena112LovelyAthena112
Azumanga Daioh= My first anime
Yotsuba&!= My first manga

Lol ^_^
07 years agoanarchystbranarchystbr
Azumanga forever!
07 years agoMelodyMelody
yay for yotsubato! X3
07 years agoevilmingdoctorevilmingdoctor
not the best of photos but this one :)

- have some mini bandai gashapons too, a chiyo/tadakichi plush and a yotsuba revoltech
07 years agoHaruhiismHaruhiism
Hey evilmingdoctor. Thanks for joining! Which plushie do you have?
07 years agoevilmingdoctorevilmingdoctor
i am chiyo's father... merry christmas!

azumanga was the first proper anime i ever watched (pokemon doesn't count :P) - got me into watching other animes

i have a chiyo's father plush - tis awesome :D
07 years agoHaruhiismHaruhiism
itachi377I wish the series didn't have to end. =/

For Azumanga, it is one of the few series that I'm actually satisfied with the ending. Always almost brings a tear to my eye when I watch ep 26.
07 years agoitachi377itachi377
I wish the series didn't have to end. =/
07 years agoILoveWammyILoveWammy
I love Tomo and Osaka :3
07 years agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
Thanks for the invite :D Love both works ^^ <3333

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