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022 days agoHBasanadoHBasanado
i really need a season 3 of K-on!!!
02 years agoDe-JaYDe-JaY Teitoku
So I went to KyoAni's head office in Uji.
picture #404251 | picture #404252 | picture #404253
02 years agokumasanmkkumasanmk 花音推し
Looks promising: (ext link)

De-JaYI want Little Busters.If PA Works animated Angel Beats, I guess there is a reason... Ever heard of industry divorces? Hope I'm wrong, though.

View spoilerHide spoilerFurthermore, Angel Beats being kinda the same story than Little Busters, I think it'll never be adapted. Once again, I hope I'm wrong.
02 years agoStrife212Strife212 Original Blue
The fuck is this shit? I want Little Busters.

Haha. Not seen that before. I guess it could be good, KyoAni usually makes it so.
12 years agoDe-JaYDe-JaY Teitoku
kumasanmkFinally new anime announced (ext link)
The fuck is this shit? I want Little Busters.
02 years agoWatchJessieGoWatchJessieGo Magical Girl
magicalgirljI hope Kyoani makes a Little Busters anime

Same here, same here! I also want them to get on with season three of Haruhi...
02 years agokumasanmkkumasanmk 花音推し
Finally new anime announced (ext link)
02 years agoNayachiNayachi
Nichijou - Epic win *____*~
03 years agoHeartAttackerHeartAttacker
Whoa! I never realized that Kyoto Animation made pretty much all of my favorite anime!
03 years agomagicalgirljmagicalgirlj
I hope Kyoani makes a Little Busters anime

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