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For all fans of Toradora! Whether you like Amin, Minorin, Taiga, Ryuuji, or even Kitamura, you're welcome here. ^^
Suscribe to any new Toradora figures coming out.

OP1: Pre-parade

ED1: Vanilla Salt

OP2: Silky Heart

ED2: Orange

Whatever you do though, don't piss off Taiga...

If anyone wants to be a mod or admin, just let me know.

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02 years agoArekusuArekusu
For me Toradora is still the best"love-comedy" anime ever!!!
05 years agoFgrClctnFgrClctn
Don't know how I could have missed this club for so long, but definitely one of my favorite series. I want some figures of the guys; I've toyed with the idea of converting this figure to represent Ryuuji, item #50597 To me it seems pretty close.
05 years agoshinobicRyoshinobicRyo
just joined, go taiga!!!!
06 years agoYukiteruYukiteru
taiga is awensome
we love her xD
06 years agoTommyTommy
Ami is fine... Minorin not >.<
06 years agoHeartAttackerHeartAttacker
Somebody please kill Ami Kawashima... =_= baka chi
06 years agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
taiga with tiger suit up for pre-order:

item #64148

also hello x3 just joined hahah :P
I <3 taiga and tsunderes in general ;P hehe
06 years agoFabfabFabfab
Soon we'll have italiana release too: I'm very happy for that! :)
07 years agoPax416Pax416
True. NIS America did an amazing job with the DVD sets. I never watched Toradora but heard quite a bit about it. I'm more into art books so when I saw that the premium sets were bundled with a collector's book I thought I'd give it a shot.

Popped in the DVD and I instantly loved the series. Just an amazing anime all around. I especially liked how, considering the themes, they took a realistic approach to developing the story.

I wish I could get more of Ami though. She's my favorite ^^
07 years agoEllyElly
psichToradora Vol 2 DVD set has a pre-order now.
Available at NISA store (formerly Rosenqueen) and Rightstuf

The premium DVD sets are AMAZING! Do plan to get these if you love the show; they're definitely worth every penny! NISA did a great job with the translation and the nice hardcover book it comes with it. A must for Toradora fans~

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