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For all who like Max Factory PVC Statues. Because there is a separate Figma Section, the group is only for the statues from MF!

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04 years agomelphesemelphese
Max Factory figures are really nice, best quality. My favorite from my collection is my Yulie Ahtreide Max factory figure.
04 years agocatvillage66catvillage66
I love MF figures, there quality is top notch. I feel that their a very underrated manufacturer.
04 years agosecretly-otakusecretly-otaku
I'm joining this club since I know how great their figs can be! I own the 7th Dragon 2020 Samurai and she is a complete beauty! Full of details and very faithful to the drawing it is based on.
05 years agoWatchJessieGoWatchJessieGo Magical Girl
Joining this because MF is the best. I love, love, love their sculpting and overall quality.
05 years ago (5 years ago)SagaOtakuSagaOtaku
I hope this club hasn't died ._. because (needless to say) there are plenty of entries to be added (mfc link)

I love that Max factory is producing more scale figures again! Their colored PVC are so great but they seem to make Figmas a priority so I'm glad they're increasing <3 I mean in 2010 they only made like 6 new figures but now they've already have 11 (some are still in production of course) I don't own enough of Max facory's newer figures but their older once age very well compared to those of other companies IMO.
I'm very tempted to get a recent figure of theirs to see how it holds up next to GSC and Alter once cuz judging from promos I think Max Factory might be my favorite :)

Anyway: JOIN
06 years agoSeasonreaperSeasonreaper
Selling these 3 as a set, no boxes but all pieces together and in great condition. ~£70/$115 for all three of them, with free shipping.

07 years agoanarchystbranarchystbr
New member arriving!
07 years agoHaruhiismHaruhiism
As much as I love Max Factory, I probably won't get any large scale K-ON PVC from them. If they had some sort of theme for the girls then maybe but so far we have Culture fest Mio, Tracksuit Ritsu, and Waitress Mugi. If all the girls were in the Culture fest costumes then it would have been a buy since Alter already has the regular school uniform set coming out.
07 years agoitachi377itachi377
I have some Max Factory figures and more for auction here:: [ext link ]

Listings are for 3 days.
07 years agopsichpsich
ThunderI just wish they would make other Ar tonelico figures. Especially Aurica. But anyway, I definitely like their work.
More Ar tonelico stuff would be nice.
And this might be the wrong place to post this, but I would love to see a Linkage Shurelia from Alter. XD

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