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We are a group of Anime figure collectors from the Philippines consisting of:

Saber Lords
Samurai Hime
Ninja Banchou
Ecchi Master
Nendoroid Maniac
Figma Hime-Sama
Square-Enix Fanatic
Predator (don't ask ^^;)
Gasha King
The Brothers (raise your hands!!)
Geass Emperor
Miku Oh-sama

Online Community: Otakai Figure Society
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01 year agoxxnewplayerxxxxnewplayerxx
02 years agonownownownow

I am selling

item #61456

item #29883

item #25836

item #19691

item #24262

item #1845

item #1070

item #81270

item #4066

item #29883 (blue Ver. and Pink Ver.)

Don't hesitate to MP for futher details :)
02 years agokurisu_mikarukurisu_mikaru
elix (2 years ago) #3399422Hello! Im selling my Koto Hitagi 1/8 for 1.5k php good conditon w/ box

Which Hitagi? :)
12 years agoelixelix
Hello! Im selling my Koto Hitagi 1/8 for 1.5k php good conditon w/ box
02 years agodavedanzil1davedanzil1
3 questions

Has anyone bought a Anime figurine at Amazon? and do you still have to pay taxes to deliver to the philippines?

Does anyone has any misaka mikoto?

03 years agobrucesolmianobrucesolmiano
Hello! Is this group still active?
03 years agoMissAbie05MissAbie05
Hello! I'm a newbie figure collector and a filipina living in the U.S. How are you all? :3
04 years agoChiiLatteChiiLatte
New to this forum and recently started collecting figures. Yay :3
14 years agonael10nael10
Hi Philippine Collectos,

I just ordered an item from eBay and they shipped it from japan.

How much will Philippine customs tax me for an 76 USD dollar item ? i also payed 24 USD for the delivery.

Thank you all.
04 years agoOrokana-DanseiOrokana-Dansei
Hi! I just recently joined. XD

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