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7 years ago
United Publications have a bunch of super DVD bargains going:

Aquarian Age Complete Collection [ext link ]
Area 88 TV Complete Collection [ext link ]
Cromartie High School Complete Collection [ext link ]
Genshiken 2 Premium Collection [ext link ]
Get Backers Season 2 Box Set [ext link ]
Gilgamesh Complete Collection [ext link ]
Innocent Venus Bargain Bundle [ext link ]
Kino's Journey Bargin Bundle [ext link ]
Le Chevalier D'Eon Bargain Bundle [ext link ]
Love Hina Box Set [ext link ]
Madlax Bargain Bundle [ext link ]
Mezzo Complete Collection [ext link ]
Peacemaker Complete Collection [ext link ]
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World Bargain Bundle [ext link ]
Tree of Palme [ext link ]
Utawarerumono Bargain Bundle [ext link ]
Yugo the Negotiator Box Set [ext link ]

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