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Please post your play-asia coupons in the play-asia discussion thanks XD

Hi all i added a new discussion called User sales so if you have anime items for sale on ebay or anywhere else then feel free to list the links

UPDATE : the sales have being moved off of the main page and split into 3 new sections

Figures sales from official shops (mfc link)
Media sales from official shops for manga ,dvds , cds , games ...ext (mfc link)
Merchandise sales from official shops for t-shirts , cups , dakimakura .. ect (mfc link)

Please in future please use these discussion to post the sales that you find and remember that all sales must be for anime/manga related goods

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03 days agoMrDownerMrDowner
(mfc link)

All of these figures are preowned and are in "like new" condition. (sitting in my display case for so long)
selling for CAD $150.00 (Tougetsu Matsuri skytube)
Selling for CAD $110.00 (Alleyne EX orchidseed)
selling for CAD $70.00 (Amatsukaze Funnyknights)
selling for CAD $85.00 (Soukou Akki Muramasa - Sansei Muramasa Wing)
Shipping not included, but I will ship international.

Shipping will be half price if you buy two or more
05 days agowil-tsunwil-tsun
Hey buds,

I'm clearing out some stuff from my personal collection to make room for upcoming pre-orders. All of these are unopened, still factory sealed, and well kept. PM me if you're interested! Thanks!

Rori Mercury - $90USD Shipped
Dragon 2020 Alt. Color - $110USD Shipped
Sento Isuzu - $70USD - Shipped

Link to listing
06 days agoSoLatteSoLatte
Hey guys,

Am selling most of my owned collection due to urgency of relocation. Do check em out! Prices are open for negotiation and based in Sydney, Australia (overseas shipping a-okay). Do PM me for more info if you'd like.

Cheers :)
026 days ago (26 days ago)KimochihimeKimochihime
Hi everyone, I'm looking for any Another merchandise, mainly Misaki Mei figures.
Not looking to spend way too much. I'm new to this site so I may not see your reply or PM.. Please email me at :)

027 days agoDFC7DFC7
Hello Everyone,

I've got some figures I'm trying to clear out of my collection due to space, and new pre orders that will be arriving this year. Here's a list

Odin Sphere - Gwendolyn - 1/8 (Alter) $100 Shipped US
Fate/Apocrypha - Jack the Ripper (Assassin) - 1/8 (Phat Company) $90 Shipped US
GOOD SMILE Racing - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 - Racing 2015 Ver. (Good Smile Company) $105 Shipped US
Queen's Gate - Alice - 1/8 - Designer’s color ver. (Alpha x Omega, Hobby Japan) (bat ear on left re glued) $50 Shipped US
Queen's Gate - Alice - 1/8 - Boost Ver. (Alter, Hobby Japan) (base repaired after peg broke. Curved support has new slot) Figure fine. $50 Shipped US
SoniComi (Super Sonico) - Sonico - 1/7 - Mouse ver. (Wing) Displayed like new $80 Shipped US
SoniComi (Super Sonico) - Sonico - Concept Figure - Unicorn, Blue Pearl (FuRyu) (both versions displayed like new)
$15 Shipped US

and link to list created (mfc link)
01 month agodogs547895dogs547895
Hello. I'm selling some figures in my shop: (mfc link)
I also do swaps and meetups. Please check them out. I bought extras by accident. I'm also willing to haggle if you buy them as a set.

I'm also currently looking for Laura Bodewig merchandises and figures on my WL. If you happen to have something of either to sell just write a comment or send a pm to see if I'm interested. Please note I may not respond or offer on the figure your selling if I'm not in need of it at the moment since I always have trouble deciding what to collect.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! :D
21 month ago (27 days ago)DaichukiyoDaichukiyo
Selling these items as I really need the money fast. ^-^ Items are also up on eBay. Feel free to comment on my page or PM me if you have any questions, I would love to hear from you! ❤ *Please note prices in USD are rounded up as original prices are in AUD.*

item #186156 (Limited Ultimate Madoka mini shikishi from the PMMM movie, unopened) - $35 USD ($45 AUD) plus shipping [ext link ]

item #451834 (Love live! Sakurauchi Riko long poster, never used) - $11.60 USD ($15 AUD) plus shipping [ext link ]

item #372849 and item #483132 (Love live! School idol movie Eli Ayase Magnetic clip and Puccho Candy Maki Nishikino keychain) bundled together - $11.45 USD plus shipping [ext link ]

item #280353 (Honoka Kousaka) and (Rin Hoshizora) item #280359 Long posters from the pos x pos collection bundled with two other posters (Nico and Rin) which have not been yet been added to the database (a total set of 4 posters). Bought these in Japan and are they hard to find singles of, as you mostly have to buy the whole set of 9 - $30 USD plus shipping [ext link ]

❤Item item #174462 and item item #174463 Limited + exclusive Love live! Honoka and Kotori nendoroid petits - LOWERED to $16 USD each + shipping. Would sell both as a set for $25 USD + shipping and it would come with the original box and instructions.

Kotori: [ext link ]
Honoka: [ext link ]
11 month ago (27 days ago)MrDownerMrDowner
I'm trying to sell these to make room

(mfc link)

preowned, opened and displayed, Put back into it's box.

Selling for CAD $110.00 (Alleyne EX orchidseed)
selling for CAD $70.00 (Amatsukaze Funnyknights)
selling for CAD $90.00 (Soukou Akki Muramasa - Sansei Muramasa, Bunny ver. WING)
Shipping not included, but I will ship international.

I WILL ALSO INCLUDE SOME FREEBIES!!!!!!!!!!!! (random keychains, or small collectable things! GOTTA BE MORE APPEALING FOR "QUICKER" SALES)
11 month agoRisenfromashfigRisenfromashfig
Selling a bunch of figures from Naruto, Bleach, Kuroko no Basket, Deathnote, Sailor Moon, and Attack on Titan.
[ext link ] for pics. Send me an offer.

Kuroko no Basket- Daiki- $25
Attack on Titan- $25
Naruto- $40 total for the 5 big figures
Naruto petit chara figures- $25 for 3
Other small figures (Deathnote, Naruto, etc) $5 each
Sailor Moon Mini Figures- $5 each
Bleach- $40 takes all
01 month agoLaturaLatura
Good afternoon Team,

I'm looking for the following figures:

Final Fantasy VII Cloud Static Arts - (The large one, not the one from theatrhythm)
Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth Static Arts - (The large one, not the one from theatrhythm)
Final Fantasy VIII Squall & Bahamut - Kotobukiya
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children diorama - Sculpture Arts
Final Fantasy VII diorama forgotten city - Cold cast

I have a few figures that I can trade or sell if anyone is interested:

Bahamut play arts kai variant
Dragoon play arts kai variant x2
Superman play arts Kai x3
Supergirl play arts kai x1
The Joker play arts kai variant x1
Batman Arkham City play arts kai x1
Liquid Snake play arts x3
Harley Quinn play arts kai Arkham city x2
Sakura street fighter play arts x2


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