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A place for posting links to good sales and bargains. Or if you want to share a coupon , here is the place for it!

Please post your play-asia coupons in the play-asia discussion thanks XD

Hi all i added a new discussion called User sales so if you have anime items for sale on ebay or anywhere else then feel free to list the links

UPDATE : the sales have being moved off of the main page and split into 3 new sections

Figures sales from official shops (mfc link)
Media sales from official shops for manga ,dvds , cds , games ...ext (mfc link)
Merchandise sales from official shops for t-shirts , cups , dakimakura .. ect (mfc link)

Please in future please use these discussion to post the sales that you find and remember that all sales must be for anime/manga related goods

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05 days agodamedanbodamedanbo
Moving sale! I'm getting an apartment late next month and could use a little more spare cash before I go. Selling a few figures. I also have a big box of merch from grab boxes that I might add later.

(mfc link)
110 days ago (10 days ago)wewewewe
Carol (10 days ago) #18133981

the power of bootlegs compels me to say, nop!
121 days ago (21 days ago)HawthourneHawthourne
I'm in financial difficulty and need to sell the things I listed here! Please have a look and thank you for your time!!

(mfc link)
01 month ago (1 month ago)okami34okami34
Selling/ trading Alter UtaPri Tokyia figure. He was only taken out of his packaging once to check his condition. Other than that he's practically new.)Please PM offers!
01 month agoKarumiKarumi Bishie Enthusiast
Seriously need this stuff gone already. Please ignore listed prices and just offer. I won't ship figures overseas (so US only). Stuff on the list is okay to ship to most countries.
Scale Figs-
item #189882 (Used)
item #236178 (New + Sealed)

All other stuff-
(mfc link)
01 month ago (14 days ago)echoecho

Want to let go some of my collections as need to move the house soon.
Please check sale list here (mfc link), and as well my "owned" collections, those are considerable for let go.
Most figures are brand new and sealed. All of them are stored in boxes and in good condition.
Welcome price offer and ship from Australia, shipping cost upon the request. World wide shipping available
I live in Sydney, welcome locally pick up:)

Please find some highlights below, currency in Australian dollar
Code Geass R2- Suzaku item #72240 SOLD
Code Geass - Lelouch item #5813 SOLD

POP "Sailing Again" Strawhat memebers - Zoro, Sanji, Robin, Nami, Usopp and Chopper $380 SOLD
POP - Luffy item #33863 $50
POP - Ace item #33862 $50
POP Edtion Z - Chopper $50
SQ - Hancock item #36098 $30 SOLD
Grandline MEN & LADY $10/each : Eustass Kid, Buggy, Sanji, Benn Benkman, Mr.2., Shanks, Jewelry Bonney
Chibi Arts: $30/ Each
Perona item #77892
Luffy item #69686
Ace item #77897
Boa Hancock item #62142
Door Painting Collection
Luffy: item #54642
Sanji item #67431
Zoro item #54650
Nami item #54176
Vivi item #54175

Vocaloid - Miku item #187 $40

Shingeki no Kyojin - Levi item #166955 $50

Togainu no Chi - Shiki item #77886 $80

Tiger & Bunny G.E.M - Kotetsu item #91192 $25
Tiger & Bunny G.E.M. - Barnaby item #106632 $25
Tiger & Bunny MSP - Kotetsu item #99538 $15
Tiger & Bunny MSP - Barnaby item #110328 $15

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Nendoroids $30/each

K!On Nendoroids
: Azusa, Mio, Tsumugi, Yui and Ritsu. $30/each
02 months agoKazusaKazusa
Selling item #27598

i got 2 units to let it go
can send to most of the countries


PM me if interested
02 months agothedoctor18thedoctor18
LF: Sheryl and Ranka autograph figures
02 months agoToukaChanToukaChan
Im selling 2 nendoroids. Unopened new in box

item #236229
item #136451

€20 for one or €35 if you take em both.

02 months agojmnguyen21jmnguyen21
anyone selling unopened nendoroids for decent price?

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