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4 years ago
Hi I would like to ask if there are any PHYSICAL Anime shops which sells original PVCS in Singapore?

If possible kindly provide the address and/or website.

NOTE: Physical Store alright NOT an Online store.
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10 months ago
digging up a 3-y/o thread to add a relevant map of malls and shops, themed cafes and events
currently still being updated. I did not include gachapon machine places (Vivocity Toys'R'Us has more machines than the other Toys'R'Us branches. There are quite a few machines at Downtown East too. I can't remember where else.) I also did not include cosplay shops and shops with highly suspicious (prob bootleggy) goods

summarising the list of shopping centres/malls:
・Local chain stores:
→ Otaku House - they do costumes too
→ TOG (Toy or Game) - used to be known as Comics Connection, they've rebranded and are now focusing more on games and figurines. They do Ichiban Kuji too.
・Malls with plenty of relevant shops
→ Plaza Singapura - top floor
→ China Square Central - scattered around 1F & 2F of the building. Best to go on Sunday as there's a regular collectible flea market in the afternoon.
・Interesting specialty stores:
→ TOG Kuji Tengoku (Jurong Point) - basically everything Kuji. They have the prizes displayed in cabinets.
→ The Akiba (313@Somerset) - a branch of The Akiba gift shop in Radio Kaikan.

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