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04 years agoSSHKSSHK
Here there everyone,

I recently bought 8 figures from the Metal Gear Solid collection from Mcfarlane toys. The figures that I have are Revolver Ocelot, Liquid Snake, Meryl Silverburgh, Cyborg Ninja, Solid Snake, Psycho Mantis, Sniper Wolf, and Vulcan Raven. All of then are still in their original packaging and in mint condition.

While I know some information about the figures I have been searching the internet to find out more about the specifics of each. I'm looking for info about how to tell what year or edition each is, e.g. some figures are positioned differently in their boxes, their gear is in different spots. I know that for the Cyborg Ninja (Grey Fox) he came in one package with the mask open head on the figure, and one with the closed mask. I am posting this here in hopes than someone can give me more information about each of the figures. I can also be contacted via email at *MOD edit: please don't reveal personal information here.*

05 years agoorenttorentt
A great Solidus you got there :)
I add your pictures to the clubs pictures(Hope you don't mind)
05 years ago (5 years ago)AvalonUltraAvalonUltra
07 years agoorenttorentt
Welcome hare! I hope you enjoy your stay in this site.
It is a shame Mcfarlane's other figures can't be added to the site, but we still have his Japanese figures here.
We are also still aloud to take pictures of them and post them here, so please fill free to share with us some photos >_o .
07 years agoharehare
I am as well not that found of spawn, but love the horror series that they do. A shame that you can not add them to the database :)
08 years agoorenttorentt
xenocardi have a friend that feeds on his toys, i think he got all of em.....

Welcome to the club xenocard!

Yeah his figures are addictive :)
08 years agoxenocardxenocard
i have a friend that feeds on his toys, i think he got all of em.....
08 years agoorenttorentt
Yes it is great and the orbs are only a little transparent.
By the way, the Ice Dragon I was referring about that I have is from series 6, clumsy me forgot to write it XD.
08 years agoAmethystDreamAmethystDream
You mean the blue one with green orbs? Yeah he seems great ^_^. Are the orbs transparent? I love figure with clear elements!
08 years agoorenttorentt
Welcome to the club AmethystDream.
The Ice dragon is one of the better ones from the Dragons series, I collect some of them and I have the Ice Dragon too :) but my Favorite right now is the Sorcerers Dragon Clan 5.

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