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It's true and so sad that some figures with huge breasts are so badly sculptured and ugly.
As if the manufacture had thought that it sells anyway with the huge tits.

Melpha and Rushuna in emperor size would be great.
Good Mogudan based figures would be awesome. I'd love that.
Any Garnet MacLaine is better than that one listed here.
The Witchblade figures with there squeezing tight costumes and huge breasts would be great, too.

I'd also like to see figures with kinda extraterrestrial size breasts.
Like hanging to the knees or ground and something like that.
The figure as an art form gives so much freedom to make anything look "real",
so that with good sculpturing and lots of imagination
that kind of figures would be really interesting.

I'd also like to see figures based on real huge tit models
like Miosotis, Milena Velba, Tiffany Towers, Merilyn Sakova and others
but that's maybe a bit off the topic of this board.

I'm sure that one day we also have figures with breasts that move like real ones
so that they are soft, bouncing and change there shape according to the motion and pose.
A figure with huge breasts like that would be great to play with, to do some shibari and such. ^_^
Some figures have soft squeezable breasts but they don't seem to be very common yet.
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