Yoko Littner Fan ClubYoko Littner Fan ClubFor all fans of Yoko from TTGL

You know her, you (most likely) love her.. the beautiful, red-headed, badass, rifle-toting Yoko Littner from one of the most epic anime series ever created, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Please feel free to join if you're a fan of Yoko, figures of Yoko, or just TTGL in general :D

And if you love Nia too, you can find her club here- club #381

For fans of The Mighty Kamina, you can find his club here- club #429


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04 years agoKillaxKillax
And what do the fans think of Kill La Kill!?!?!?
04 years ago (4 years ago)StebbieStebbie
I started collecting figures since september 2012 but I'm a proud owner of 6 Yoko figures. I'm planning on buying more expensive ones in the future. =) I also got another Yoko figure in pre-order. =)

Yoko is amazing! ^^ She's my favorite anime character.
04 years agothornthorn
kentomusashi (4 years ago) #1452015Needs to be a figure of that black nurse outfit....

Yeah, that would be a nice one. I think the maid outfit is the only black figure that I've seen of Yoko.
04 years agokentomusashikentomusashi
Needs to be a figure of that black nurse outfit....
04 years ago (4 years ago)thornthorn
I just spotted this Yoko Littner Garage Kit recently. She's a real beauty.

Yoko Littner by Megatech Body



I've been burning up Google and all of my usual sites trying to locate her but so far no luck.

I don't suppose any of you wonderful people here in the Yoko fan club here know where I can find her?

Thanks in advance!
04 years agokazerfozlkazerfozl
RockGodItachi (4 years ago) #1429192Finally got my first Yoko figure!!!
That's a good one too! Collecting Yoko figs is addicting since there are so many good ones!
04 years agoRockGodItachiRockGodItachi
Finally got my first Yoko figure!!!
04 years agothornthorn
Ami Ami has this Yoko up for preorder with several other Gurren Lagann figures.

[ext link ]

kazerfozl (4 years ago) #1389145Ebay is your best bet. There are usually a couple up for sale.Kuuga (4 years ago) #1371214I'm new at this club.
can any one help me to find one of these yoko ?
item #6248
item #6249
04 years agokazerfozlkazerfozl
Kuuga (4 years ago) #1371214I'm new at this club.
can any one help me to find one of these yoko ?
item #6248
item #6249

Ebay is your best bet. There are usually a couple up for sale.
04 years agokazerfozlkazerfozl
megasxlr15 (4 years ago) #1325003New to this site. Anyone going to the anime expo this year in California? :D

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