Orange County Anime Group (OCAG)Orange County Anime Group (OCAG)n/a

Figure collectors of the Orange County Anime Group meet up.

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03 years agovincenttngo1vincenttngo1
Is this group dead? :(
05 years agoSykoeEntSykoeEnt
06 years ago (6 years ago)hayate_kun_haremhayate_kun_harem
BlaBlaBlackSheepI can't join ? o.o
You can. Imade most people moderators. Are you in ocag?
06 years agoBlaBlaBlackSheepBlaBlaBlackSheep
I can't join ? o.o
06 years agoSykoeEntSykoeEnt
YESSS!!! Level 15!!! Wait... level 15???? WHAAAATTTTT??? lol....
06 years agosakuniasakunia
nice to find anime fans who live in orange county x)

though I'm from so cal D8
06 years agoSykoeEntSykoeEnt
LEVEL 22!!!
06 years agoSykoeEntSykoeEnt
LEVEL 21!!!
06 years agoSykoeEntSykoeEnt
hayate_kun_haremDid you get all your stuff up north?
Did I put it in here? no... ugh... I don't know what's all up there... I just started adding the Gashapon on here and it made my level jump. Still got a ton of Naruto Gashapon too
06 years agohayate_kun_haremhayate_kun_harem
SykoeEntLEVEL 19, BEEYOTCHES!!! lol man... adding stuff to the database is a hassle... sooooo many more to add... ugh...
Did you get all your stuff up north?

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Orange County Anime Group (OCAG)


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