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Etrian Odyssey (Seikaiju no Meikyuu in Japanese) is a series of dungeon crawler games on the Nintendo DS. There are currently four games in the series now that Legend of the Giant God hit Japanese stores in the Summer of 2012. LotGG is preceded by Etrian Odyssey (2007), Etrian Odyssey 2 Heroes of Lagaard (2008), and Etrian Odyssey 3 The Drowned City (2012). The series is a throwback to old school dungeon crawlers and combines labyrinth exploration, map making, and difficult battles to make a pleasurable nostalgia trip for RPG fans. Once you create your characters and choose their jobs you are thrown completely helpless into the Yggdrasil Labyrinth- Are you brave enough? For those who are, join this club for a great little game series.

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015 days agoImimiAiImimiAi
29 months agoStalkingStalking Loli hunter
I am growing to love love LOVE this game!
I finished EO4 not so long ago, but it wasn't until I picked up EOU a bit more than a month ago that I just... I CAN'T get enough of this game!
I ordered 2 & 3 today, can't wait to play them as well(didn't order the 1st since this last one is some sort of remake)... I wish there were more figures though!
It's just so good!
01 year agopiratepapillonpiratepapillon
6th stratum boss down over here too! He's a complete cupcake compared to the previous ones. Going to be posting my guild card later incase anyone in the endgame wants to mess around with my characters.
01 year ago (1 year ago)R_KasaharaR_Kasahara Let's rock, baby.
Finally started EO4 (long story short: my 3DS had to be sent in for repairs. Twice.) and am currently in the second land/stratum. Really enjoying it so far. The easier "normal" difficulty took me aback at first, but it makes the game less stressful, which is a nice tradeoff (another nice tradeoff: the placements of some of the FOEs in this installment are pretty clever and/or devilish...).

Gonna be hooked on this for awhile :D
01 year agopiratepapillonpiratepapillon
I just completed the main set of Etrian Odyssey figures by Wave... except that my Medic came like this (mfc link).

Poor thing has been mauled to death by FOE.
01 year agofishcakefishcake
Finally managed to take down the 6th stratum boss! Took it to a sliver of its life with a bunch of poison and Shadow Bites before running out of TP and steam. It took out everyone except my Dancer, who managed to roll 3 Sword Dances in a row to finish it off.
02 years agopiratepapillonpiratepapillon
Just beat the game! Onto the sixth stratum I go~
02 years agovalsemielvalsemiel
I was really getting into this game after playing Fire Emblem religiously for the past month, but then Monster Hunter came out >_>.
02 years agoYuanMoriYuanMori Fluffy gumiho
Been playing off and on for a while, I had to take a couple days break because I rushed through Fire Emblem Awakening and needed recovery time.
02 years agoR_KasaharaR_Kasahara Let's rock, baby.
piratepapillon (2 years ago) #1390706Bought mine when I picked it up. Went for a regular sized blue one because it matched best with the Etrian body stickers I bought. I only bought one set but I kinda wished I had bought all of them (the stickers).
Went with an XL after all; got a blue one today. Just need some Hori screen protectors (ordered some from Amazon once I got home) and I'll be all set :)

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