Conquering World with Ika MusumeConquering World with Ika MusumeJoin in, we have earth to conquer ~de geso!

Won't you conquer with us ~de geso?

Welcome allies, friends and fans of Ika Musume!

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06 months ago (6 months ago)-Panda--Panda-
I ordered item #61510 seven days ago, and I'm Super excited!!!
05 years agoKolezanKolezan
Ika-Musume sees snow for the first time: picture #575102
05 years agoDogStarDogStar
My army of Squidies just increased from 2 to 8 in one day! I'm addicted...
06 years agocb27dedcb27ded
It's amazing how much my order list of Ika merchandise has grown since that post 2 months ago. lol. She is very much invading my room and I don't seem to mind. My wallet does, but I don't.
06 years agocb27dedcb27ded
I've already got three Ika's and 4 more on order. I can't wait for the stuff that's not even orderable yet. I want to build an Ika army. Woo. :D
06 years agoStalkingStalking Loli hunter
OrannisIt's a piece of shit. The evidence is that it's made by Evolution.

that answer xD;;;

i just got into the series recently, and I CAN'T help but want an Ika army ;v; I already ordered 7 ikas <3
06 years agoOrannisOrannis
iheartcurryDoes anyone know what this is exactly? [ext link ]

It's a piece of shit. The evidence is that it's made by Evolution.
06 years agoiheartcurryiheartcurry
Does anyone know what this is exactly? [ext link ]
07 years agocdROOTatNIXcdROOTatNIX
For year 2011 I'd like to see a new season of Ika-sama ~de geso. ^^
07 years agocdROOTatNIXcdROOTatNIX
Nobody except us 9 loves the mighty Ika Musume? You need to be crushed by thousand tentacles unless you join ~de geso!

Also, Merry squidmas everyone! ^.^

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Conquering World with Ika Musume


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