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Zukin-ManstrictlystylesPixieStixstrictlystylesyou guys should try scott pilgrim vs the world. Its like river city ransom on crack.
Funny you mentioned that as I d/led the trial 2 days ago and got my ass beat. It's probably more fun/easier with a friend though and the OST is awesome. I managed to get the full rip of it.

all you have to do is play through the same level a few times and buy the best strength upgrade. after that is smooth lol. Just like river city ransom lol.

Or do what I do: Muscle your way through the first four levels on pure grit and hot-bloodedness (and the code to use the Power of True Love Sword in every stage). Then keep spamming the Subspace room at the beginning of the fifth stage to pay off the debt at the video store in the first stage and max your character's stats for a ridiculously low amount of money.

Though admittedly, trying to fight Lucas Lee with a low-level character will probably make you hate life for a while.

That's so true. I did that after finish the game one time with scott. Still need to buy the DLC of Knives x.x

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