Found of Max Factory's Figma action figures? Display your passion for these amazing articulated figurines and join the FigmAddicts ^^

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09 days agocrophecycrophecy
Go here (mfc link) to see some of my figma parts for sale :)
027 days agoOnetonwontonOnetonwonton
Requesting an invite. Thanks ^_^
01 month agokodamaanimekodamaanime
Morning can I get an add?
03 months ago (2 months ago)YummerlyYummerly
03 months agohectorgs77hectorgs77
Hi!, can u add me please? Good morning to everyone :)
03 months ago (3 months ago)YummerlyYummerly
04 months ago (4 months ago)YummerlyYummerly
05 months agoFelchenerowFelchenerow
Is this figma suppose to not have a neck joint that allows him to look up or down? I have twelve figma and they all have joints in their neck that allow them to look up and down (some are limited to how far back they go do these but are not missing a joint)

Here are the pics of what I'm talking about: (ext link)

(ext link)

(ext link)

I am only able to move his head to the left and right, and it's like his neck was sculpted too long so he can only look down?
06 months agoSorataSorata
(>_<) Excited to get Figma Shinobu Oshino.
06 months agoCreativeWayCreativeWay
WindsorSeven (6 months ago) #2354434Unfortunately I don't think there's any way other than actually trying the pieces. This was only something I found out when I tried to use item #98890's faceplates on item #3135

Yeah I see what you mean. Got 3 figmas yesterday. You can put everything on 160 but it won´t hold - if you press it in that front hairpart, it helds, but looks really creepy...
The only thing that can get combined are the addons like sword, guitar etc.
The hands are different in 3 ways, too :S (with ball movable, with ball and with stick movable -.-)

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