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02 days agoMojo-el-FurioMojo-el-Furio
Hi there,
A long shot I know (considering how awesome the figure is) but does any one have a spare default face and hair piece for the Guts Black Swordsman figma?

I really want to make a simple custom of the Berserk armor figma with a helmetless Guts with the white highlight in his hair but I don't want to have to dish out a crap ton of money for a new figure!

Basically the entire head seat from this: (ext link)

Thanks a bunch!

P.s. if anyone has the arms from this figma also let me know!
015 days ago (10 days ago)YummerlyYummerly
Selling 2 more figmas - Sold
029 days ago (25 days ago)YummerlyYummerly
Selling figma Anzu and Inori
01 month ago (1 month ago)YummerlyYummerly
Selling a bunch of brand new BRS (OVA and TV ver) figmas - SOLD
02 months ago (2 months ago)YummerlyYummerly
More figmas to sell - SOLD
02 months agoSailorPrettyBoySailorPrettyBoy
Can't wait for Wonfest!!!
Please show us the complete line up of FREE!! :)
12 months agoNadyNady
I'm looking for Yuki Nagato figma Evil Witch ver., especially her head, a specific hand, her cape and her body!
02 months ago (2 months ago)YummerlyYummerly
Selling a ton of brand new figmas if anyone is interested

SOLD, thanks :) I'll have others to sell soon~
12 months agoIdaiIdai
I finaly order Killua and Gon
02 months agoMaakieMaakie
Shiaoran (3 months ago) #1941405I haven't seen anyone selling them either, but I'd sure like to have it. I think I have a duplicate scarf from the other campaign, if you'd like to trade.

Thank you for the offer! Unfortunately, I'm actually planning to stop collecting/ordering figma's (and maybe even sell my older ones) I don't think another scarf is something I can do anything with. :(

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