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for a series & main villan, he nails all the right notes. although i'm dissapointed at how his character was written off, he'll forever be on of my fave antagonists of all time.
also his voice actor along with his theme in RE4's mercenaries only solitified the deal :)

the man who made the series what it is to date. agile, cool, collected, smart & a ladies man.....leon's got it all.
his theme from RE4's mercenaries added to his awesomeness.

not one for chatter yet does what's needed for survival. he's the type of guy you'd want along side you.

my fave. she's cute, has a good head on her shoulders & an awesome accent. although easily outstaged by those before her, her charms during certain actions/events stand out for me.

her tomboyish nature & personality always kept her as my #2. attractive without all the sex appeal needed.

she's asian & damn sexy.......need i say more?

the only female of alpha team & was able to take
"the one and only"

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