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tanya22f (9 months ago) #19156058Heya!

really need help here. i have miku racing 2015 figure and i had troubles with her pole, when the pole finally went through her hand, i noticed it took off the color with it. I would like to try and paint it white again and wanted to know what do i need to buy as i never done it before. The pole itself is not pvc but some sort of plastic or simple metal, not sure.

Thank you!

I'm not an expert, and I'm probably screwing up my figures when I do this, but I personally I use very thinned miniature paint (reaper brand) for fixing my figures, but I have a large collection of colors and can match it with little difficulty. It does stand out a lot if the paint isn't mixed with quite a bit of thinning solution, but for small areas that aren't the main focus, it's always been un-noticeable on a shelf for me. The only thing is I'm not sure how it'd hold up on metal.
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