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08 days agoLepetit89Lepetit89 Deranged Collector
Katto (11 days ago) #2603907

Alright, thank you very much, that clears up all questions I have right now since everything else should probably be discussed on a case-by-case basis. I still need to finish one big load, but I'll probably get started here within the next week, though I still hope I can find prices for everything.

Thank you again for all the help!
011 days agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
Lepetit89 (11 days ago) #2602998No worries :)

It should be just fine, but I thought I had better mention it since we have been cracking down on our rules in the last few months. Of course we're still understanding when people are learning how to work the DB haha.

With price, we are happy with either. It's possible to have multiple releases and say what the event/shop was. An example: item #236643
011 days agoLepetit89Lepetit89 Deranged Collector
Katto (12 days ago) #2597127

Thank you very much for your detailed answer!

That clears up most of the things that I was concerned about. I'll make sure to avoid mistakes, but I already have most of the data at hand since I already wrote it down for most of the Doujinshi I own as part of another project, so I'm optimistic that there won't be too many problems.

The only thing I'm worried about is the price, actually, seeing how it might be hard to find records detailing them in the case of older event-only works. Which also reminds me, which price is preferred? Event or retail?
012 days agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
Lepetit89 (13 days ago) #2596556Hello!

NSFW covers are fine, so long as you mark the 18+ tag and mark the cover as NSFW. In addition, when cropping a thumbnail, to only crop a SFW section (like a character's face). We like to keep the covers the same as they actually are, but we do try to mark these accurately with the NSFW tag.

So long as you're taking care when adding, including all of the required information, completing the entry to MFC standards (eg. titles should be romanised, not translated), there's nothing wrong with adding as many as you wish. So long as you're aware that excessive errors not only cause our staff a lot of work, but can also result in your ability to add entries to be revoked, that's all you really need to know. :)

Another thing worth noting is that only Japanese releases of doujinshi should be added - so those sold at Comiket or the like, or Toranoana/MelonBooks etc. Those only sold on Taobao or other non-JP shops and not ever released at a convention are not permitted.

Thank you for being so willing to add to our database! Hopefully all of that makes sense.
013 days agoLepetit89Lepetit89 Deranged Collector

I maintain a collection of Doujinshi and I would like to add the ones missing here to the database.

According to the guidelines, Doujinshi, as opposed to, for instance, music CD's distributed by Doujin circles, may be added, but I was wondering if there are any restrictions I have missed that might get me intro trouble.

Primarily, I'm concerned about whether there are Doujinshi with potentially explicit covers that absolutely must not be added, even with NSFW-settings. If so, could I still add them if I censored the cover or took other measures?

Furthermore, are there are any rules in place concerning mass additions of entries? I don't see any point in adding only a few selected works, so I would be more than happy to hear that I can add as much as I wish.

That would be all I can think of right now, thank you very much in advance for any help!
013 days agoaeonblueaeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
Koru-tan (13 days ago) #2595688So I saw somewhere on the site that I can add dakimakuras to my collection. To be honest I don't really understand the goods or media databases at all. Can I get a quick rundown of what can be added to the databases? Other than figures that is ('●ω●')
For goods: Any object with the head of a character/vehicle/object coming from one or more Japanese anime/manga/movies/books/shows/video-games/history/pop-icons.

For media: Any media released in Japan (Japanese releases only).

Doujin items are an exception here though they have slightly different/stricter requirements.

You can have a look at the FAQs to see al the different categories we have Faq #73
013 days agoKoru-tanKoru-tan
So I saw somewhere on the site that I can add dakimakuras to my collection. To be honest I don't really understand the goods or media databases at all. Can I get a quick rundown of what can be added to the databases? Other than figures that is ('●ω●')
01 month ago (1 month ago)FofiloutteFofiloutte
Hi ! I'm new in this club and in MFC. I doesn't have lot of figures (just 3 for this moment) :) (I am sorry if I do some error but I am french and I doesn't have a good English ! Sorry !)
01 month agoikkinineikkinine
Hi! Nice to meet u all. Wanna know if the nendroid head can fit the cu-poche body?
01 month agoNitroPLUSNitroPLUS
DeaadBread (1 month ago) #2520168Greetings, I'm wondering, what's the process for buying something from a member on here? Is it through pm's?
Unless you don't mind others reading your conversation with the seller, it is indeed done via PM. Otherwise comments will suffice. ^^

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