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arya2026benhanWow cool picture of TFOA, Arya. All wear nice black jacket.
Lots of FBG you own there.

My three Bouyas will arrive maybe in two weeks. I bought the Strongest Suzuran blue sukajan (thanks to Blacksmith), Ties of the Soul black jacket with glasses and that shirtless Bouya. Will they beat Tesshou as my best FBG so far? We'll see. :)

Thanks, yeah slowly my fbg is adding up but not as much as Doku's LOL.
I really wanted to have Bouya in strongest bloodline but it's kinda hard to get it these days.
Where do you get it? I just ordered Bouya in ties of soul in his blue jacket, i kinda like this version
because somehow its reminds us that Bouya is a high schooler hahahaha and if i'm not mistaken it was the
jacket he wore on the formation of the PAD right?

There's none Bouya Ties of the Soul in blue jacket. Suzuran Strongest one it is.
Bouya Ties of the Soul:
Standard - Black jacket, comical face
Dive - Black jacket, black glasses
Alternative - Red PAD jacket, comical face
FUN - White Red jacket, serious face without glasses
Regulus - Maroon jacket, baldy middle schooler Bouya comical face

Which Bouya ties of the soul did you buy?

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