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A club for those who love Tsutomu Nihei's incredible, dark, and enigmatic manga following Killy's unending trek through The City. Discuss Blame! and the spin off series', figures, news, etc.

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09 months agoSionaSiona
New video for the new anime, 20th May is the day !

01 year agoSionaSiona
So hyped!!! (even if I don't really like that 3D ^^)

16 years ago (6 years ago)LinkedLinked
Yeah, that Sanakan model is amazing and I'm so glad I managed to get her completed pre-painted version from e2046 a couple of years ago. BTW, the garage kit is still available there:
06 years agoSanakanSanakan
Agreed, too undergound for many figures but it gets a lot praise whenever it's mentioned. I wish I had known about the Jetsream Sanakan kit/figure as it looks amazing and is the only one I really want out of the currently available figures. I would love for a company like Alter to do a Sanakan or Pcell.
06 years ago (6 years ago)LinkedLinked
Great club!
Love Blame!, but too bad there's too little related merch to talk about.
Guess this series is just too cult for figures and stuff)



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