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04 months agogoldendemongoldendemon
Sega is staring making touhou plushes at the end of 2016 and also 2017
item #524430
item #514142
09 months agomlarayoukaimlarayoukai
Miss Kazami's getting a Nendoroid!
item #464614
09 months agosarahbearsarahbear
01 year agoZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
Happy 20th Touhou!
11 year agoDamion287Damion287
Omygodd, the new game is so hard xD
The spell cards are easier than the non spells tho xD
22 years agoZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
A new game has been announced! And Reisen will be a new player character! Hooray!
02 years agoMaakieMaakie
I just made an article about how my progress of a Touhou Garage Kit went! ^^ Maybe it's interesting for the club members? (mfc link)
03 years ago (3 years ago)Pinkcake431Pinkcake431
Guys did you hear?
the next touhou game is called "impossible spell card"!
[ext link ]
looks like the main character is Seija!
03 years agoPinkcake431Pinkcake431
piratepapillon (3 years ago) #2031397I do. Too bad there's no figures of them. I know right? I'd totally buy a Renko one

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